Megan a variety of positions. I have dedicated

Megan Eischeid1720 NW MorningsideDriveGrimes, IA, 50111(515)[email protected] Mr. Mark MossAshland Ridge Elementary Dear Mr.

Moss, I have recently become aware of a part time position asteacher associate at Ashland Ridge Elementary. After reviewing your job description,it’s clear that you’re looking for a candidate with experience working withchildren and students of all ages, as well as with advanced communicationskills. I am certain that, given these requirements, I am qualified to holdthis position. I am a hard-working college student with a 4.0 GPA. I am currentlyattending Iowa State University and pursing an Open Option major. During the courseof my life, I also managed to accrue nearly three years of work experience in avariety of positions.

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I have dedicated my time to nonprofit volunteering,nannying, and tutoring. Through these positions, I have developed professional skillsin communication, leadership, and problem solving. In addition, I have beenpraised as intelligent by teachers and peers alike. It is my hope that the combinationof my leadership experiences, communication skills, and intelligence will allowme to serve as teacher associate at a level the supersedes all expectations. I hope that, after you have reviewed my resume, you willfind that I am more than qualified to hold this position.

I am the type of employeeand person that you are looking for. Please contact me by phone at (515)313-6910 or by email at [email protected] any questions or concerns, or to set up a time that is convenient for youfor us to meet.  Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Megan Eischeid


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