Medvedenko the southwest Turkey borders with Greece.

Medvedenko M.Yu.
“Technologies of tourism” where features of rat?ng in Turkey, merits
and demerits of work of the Russian tour operators with the companies are
described. The text of the book also contains information on charter programs
and airlines between Russia and Turkey.

Voskresensky V.
Yu “The international tourism”. This edition contains general
information of the country and briefly description of the most popular resorts.
Also there is information about economic situation in Turkey and the place of
tourism in national economy.

Romanov A.A.,
Saakyants R.G. “Tourism geography”. Authors give the general
information of the country, in detail describing the national structure of the
population of Turkey, climate and political system of the Republic of Turkey
and also main types of tourism.

involved resources in this work can include Internet resources devoted to
tourism in Turkey, describing the main resort areas, and the system of
placement of the country and development of new types of tourism.


1. Turkey as a
destination for Russian tourists

1.1 General
information of the country

location of Turkey: in the northwest of Turkey there are borders with Bulgaria,
in the northeast — with Armenia and Georgia, in the east and the southeast
there are with Iran and Iraq. The southern neighbour of Turkey is Syria, while from
the southwest Turkey borders with Greece. Turkey is washed by three seas:
Black, Mediterranean and Aegean. One more sea of Turkey — Marble is considered
to be internal.

The territory of
Turkey makes — 814 578 thousand Geographical feature of Turkey — an
arrangement at the intersection of the important ways, from antiquity
connecting Europe to Asia, the Black Sea countries and the people — with
Mediterranean. Nowadays through the territory of Turkey there are highway and
railway lines connecting Europe with many countries of Asia.

The highest
point of Turkey — Big Ararat.

Official name of
the country: Republic of Turkey.

Capital: Ankara.
Population of the city more than 4 million people. It is the city, the second
for the population, after Istanbul.


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