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    Medical marijuana should not be considered as a drug that’s only for recreational use, it has a better purpose.

Marijuana is an illicit drug that is most commonly used for one specific reason of getting “high” which causes an increased chance of developing a cannabis use disorder. Due to its addictive factors, marijuana, in general, remains illegal in some states. This prohibits medical marijuana from it being used for actual health purposes.

Medical marijuana should be permitted in all states because it can increase tax revenue, has medical benefits and the substance loses its negative association, however, it still can lead to potential abuse.     Tax revenue can increase in this country as it can raise billions in federal revenues, in state and local revenues. The production of marijuana industries in some legalized states are expanded and revenues are expected to increase. As stated by the Tax Foundation article, “Individual income and payroll taxes from the labor that’s in the marijuana industry can contribute about $1.

5 billion in federal revenue, including $1 billion in the state”. Marijuana is becoming a popular substance and taxing it in comparison to cigarettes, can raise millions in any additional revenue. By legalizing marijuana to bring in medical marijuana, new businesses come into the market.    The first state to legalize marijuana, revenues have significantly increased in a span of three years. Colorado, the first state to legalize the substance, at least $76 million from taxes and fees in 2014 has progressed to $200 million in 2017. According, to the Colorado Legislative Council Staff report, “Revenues have been derived from a 15 percent excise tax on wholesale transfers of cannabis for adult use; a 10 percent special sales tax on retail sales of cannabis for adult use”.

By the state of Colorado enacted a sales tax on cannabis products or any licensing fees for the drug, revenues are constantly increasing which benefits the state greatly. For example, the Aurora City Council distributed about $1.5 million in cannabis tax revenue to fund the fight against homelessness, fund schooling with $179.9 million, and to fund substance abuse prevention programs. At least 51.

3% of funds go towards k-12 education, 14.2% is towards substance abuse prevention/treatment centers, and 11.9% is for regulation of the adult product. By other states legalizing marijuana, tax revenue can increase for the better and more businesses can expand.     Medical marijuana has its health benefits to treat any patient with a serious health issue. Medical marijuana is usually used as a treatment for cancer patients because it can increase their appetite, has anti-inflammatory effects that help with pain, provides relief for those who experience pain especially with neuropathy, and synthetic cannabinoid can be an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting.

Medical marijuana has a good purpose of bringing cancer patients the medicine they need to ease their pain. There are different ways in which a patient can intake marijuana such as, inhaling, eating and having the substance vaporized. Many of these techniques when consuming marijuana, have altered ingredients that don’t contain the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical alters the mind and creates the ultimate feeling of being high.      The use of cannabis can treat children who suffer from epilepsy.

The story of a Colorado child named Charlotte Figi, who’s diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, was given Charlotte’s Web, a treatment that is derived from marijuana plants. The Charlotte’s Web treatment, showed effectiveness as the child’s seizures declined significantly. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, “Colorado is now at the center of this phenomenon. Families across the country are moving here for access to Charlotte’s Web to help their children who have uncontrolled seizures”. Federal law prevents any transportation of marijuana across state lines including states that permit marijuana for medical uses, this serves as a reason why families are moving to Colorado to seek treatment for their child.

The Charlotte’s Web treatment is different from standardized marijuana because it has a high concentration of cannabidiol, a substance that is proven to be effective for controlling seizures and contains a low concentration of THC.     Medical marijuana can be used for positive psychological effects. The side effects of marijuana are not as strong as any other psychoactive drug which makes it safe to use and lethal doses of cannabis is a large amount which makes it impossible to consume much of marijuana. There are medications which consist of cannabinoids that are FDA approved and are from marijuana. Two FDA approved drugs such as dronabinol and nabilone contain THC – a chemical compound found in cannabis. These drugs treat nausea that is caused by chemotherapy and increases appetite in patients who suffer from extreme weight loss.

Many components of medical marijuana do have natural substances and have a lesser risk of being chemically processed.     The legalization of medical marijuana in New Jersey has created a beneficial program for residents. The state of New Jersey became the 14th state to allow medical marijuana since the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Act was passed by legislation in 2010. The act was signed by Governor Jon Corzine on January 18, 2010. It took time to officially establish this act in New Jersey as Governor Chris Christie came into office on August 9, 2010, and advocated for anti-marijuana. In 2012, New Jersey’s medical marijuana patient registry opened and registered physicians can certify patients into the medical marijuana program. The New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program only approves patients with severe medical conditions to participate in the program. The program requires a lengthy process such as a certified physician to complete an attending physician statement for each patient, creating a patient reference number, providing a patient with a copy of the statement, and finally, online registration must be completed by the patient.

Patients who are under the age of eighteen and have severe diseases are qualified to receive treatment from this program.     If medical marijuana is legalized in all states, it can lose its negative reputation.  Marijuana is known to be just a drug that only makes people feel high and this is one of the main reasons why it’s considered illegal in some states. By marijuana and medical marijuana legalized, it can be used for an actual reason rather than for recreational purposes.

Educating the public about potential health benefits medical marijuana offers can change its negative reputation. Additionally, policing marijuana can restrict its recreational use from younger adults and to those who choose to use it irresponsibly. There are many ways in which medical marijuana and marijuana can be restricted to avoid any issues amongst the public.     Although medical marijuana has its pros of it working effectively for the economy and treating cancer patients, it can lead to addiction.

At least 30% of those who use marijuana may develop some aspect of marijuana use disorder, as stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “In Washington state, 7,242, people who were admitted to treatment in 2013 reported marijuana as their primary drug of abuse”. Drugs are categorized depending on the abuse rate and the potential effects it has psychologically and physical dependence.  Most category one drugs are defined drugs that are not accepted for any medical use and has a high potential for abuse; marijuana is categorized as a one, along with the heroine, ecstasy, LSD, and peyote. The abuse of marijuana usually derives from a young age as teenagers are likely to smoke the substance. Symptoms of which are signs of cannabis use disorder would be a development of tolerance, cravings for cannabis, and withdrawals of symptoms.

There are certain treatments that support cannabis use disorder which consist of behavioral therapies and a motivational enhancement therapy. Marijuana does have its chances of becoming addictive if not used responsibly.     Ultimately, due to the economic benefits and medical purposes, medical marijuana should be permitted in all states as it can also lose its negative association to being classified as a category one drug.

Marijuana has its effects on becoming addictive if used irresponsibly and depending on how its processed. Medical marijuana has proven to treat patients who suffer from epilepsy and who are undergoing chemotherapy. Medical marijuana can serve a great purpose to this country rather than relying on other drugs that contain more harmful chemicals. It’s a natural plant that is processed in many different ways and depending on the process, marijuana can be used for health purposes. 


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