Medicaid seniors that had low-income. Now today it

Medicaid today is the largest insurance program in the country today, helping “more than 71 million low-income people” (Leonard). When Medicaid was first signed into law it was just a small joint state-federal program, only helping those who received government assistance, but now “one in three Americans is covered by Medicare or Medicaid.” (Leonard) in today’s age. Medicaid has also contributed to delivering better health care and has helped create a life expectancy that is five years higher than when the program was first getting started. Medicaid has also started to cover prescriptions because most americans can’t afford to pay them out of pocket like they would’ve been in the past. In 1971 medicaid started to help cover nursing home care for seniors that had low-income. Now today it helps pay half of this country’s long-term care for the elderly. In 1935 the Social Security Act was first passed because of the great depression. The act had two main goals for the social insurances, old-age retirement insurance and unemployment insurance. The retirement insurance provides benefits for wives and children of retired worker, widows, husbands, etc. The Social Security Act today is now helping over 1,500,000 temporarily unemployed workers, and monthly benefits are being paid to disabled and retired workers, also to the widows and orphans of the said retired worker. This Act also helps cover the railroad workers and federal workers. Without the Social Security Act America would still be facing struggles like the ones during the great depression like unemployment.People may argue that welfare is corrupting the poor. But many people don’t abuse the system, because “four in 10 Americans on welfare were on it for only one or two years. Only about a third were on it for five years or more.” (Porter). The magnitude of people abusing the system is not large and is often blown out of proportion and overstated. Also before the great


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