Media to false and defamatory statements, individualism, ruin

Mediaraise our consciousness by providing information and knowledge.

Media alsohelps reach the voice of public to the concerned authorities. It educatespeople relating health matter, environmental conservation, etc. Apress or news media enjoys greaterfreedom in a democratic country whereas it is lesser movement in a dictatorship country. An independent press andnews-media did check on government and administrators.

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The duty of free press is to raise voice against any social wrong.  Sometimes, it leads tofalse and defamatory statements, individualism, ruin of reputation such ascyber bullies and crime. Reporters without Borders ranked Myanmar 174 out of 178 in its 2010 Press Freedom Index, ahead of just Iran,Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea.

In 2015, Myanmar climbed up to 144. Inthe latest 2017 World Press Freedom Index, Myanmar currently ranks 131 out of180 countries. Media supports Myanmar democratic transition alot. Under themilitary rule, the foreign media such as BBC, VOA, RFA and DVB werebroadcasting the propaganda of Democracy while the domestic media is under thelimitation of freedom.In the transitionperiod, both the foreign media and the domestic media are ever trying to keepthe freedom of opinion and expression. Because of these efforts, the governmentcan know more the public needs and opinion which support the public policy decisionmaking process.With the development ofmedia, the transparency and accountability of government as a democratic normstarts to be rooted. The public is more motivated to participate in social,political and democratic movements through the freedom of media.

The world press freedomindex of Myanmar is described as developed gradually per year. The world pressfreedom index of Myanmar is described 144 in 2015 and 143 in 2016, and it jumpedto 131 in2017. The more freedom of media will support to maintain the transparency andaccountability of government, and the freedom, equality and dignity ofcivilians. The status of Myanmar in freedom of media comparing ASEAN andneighbours according to World Press Freedom Index is as below; 2017 World Press Freedom Index Ranking Countries 124 Indonesia 127 Philippines 131 Myanmar (Burma) 132 Cambodia 136 India 142 Thailand 144 Malaysia 146 Bangladesh 151 Singapore 156 Brunei 170 Laos 175 Vietnam 176 China                     1.    ConclusionMyanmar’s50 years of media blockage under the military government results in mistrust tothe state media and lesser influence on internal and international communities.Myanmar’smedia cannot break through foreign countries and solve fabricated stories to agreater extent.

  Freedomof Media should be free from government’s control but in accordance with codeof conduct and press ethic. Mediaworkers should be given freedom of speech and expression in accordance withcode of press ethic and government policy which means nothing shall be publishedthat will endanger the security, stability and sovereignty of the Union.                    


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