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For many years, immigrants have considered United States of America as land of opportunities.

In return, immigrant have consistently found their way in her and settled illegally. The driving factors to their action has been the values that they upheld in America like been self reliant, having freedom and also democracy. Serious challenges come with the influx of the immigrants: like the economy having a heavy downfall, security issues arise and immigrants been in high numbers. However, there has been legislation to keep away illegal migrants, but they have proved unsuccessful since every year there is a big number of immigrants in America. The driving force for these immigrants can be attributed to the success achieved from some immigrants who have experienced the American dream.

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Policies have been passed in regard to this, which favor or disfavor the presence of immigrants. To start with, in the 19th century congress passed resolution aimed at restricting entry of criminals and prostitutes. Later, in 1965 the quota system was abolished allowing immigrations so long they were family sponsored. Immigration Reform Control Act passed by the congress allowed illegal immigrants who had entered the United States by 1982 to stay in the country. Currently, the big number of immigrants entering the United States is family oriented and immigrants account for about 10% of the total population (Heron, 2001). The politics of the day are divided on the way the immigrant issue should be handled.

There are two groups, one supporting the current state and the other opposing it. The ones that are in support of the current state are quick to highlight the benefits that are accrued due to corporate interest, for example cheap labor. The opponent’s are natives who are protective of the American culture and view that the immigrants are taking jobs from the American people. Whichever of the two opposing group is correct, there are issues that need to be dealt with about the current state. To start with, the strict border controls are only leading to abuses to the immigrants that cross the border. There is also mass rejection of refugees looking for help (Barry, 1997). The media issue on immigration talks of the need to have an immigration laws that are not restrictive to illegal immigrants.

According to the media, the immigration laws are “broken” and need to undergo reforms that allow people to unite with their families as well as be incorporated in the American economy (Quednow, 2009). The comments in the media portray the white house and the congress as inconsiderate institution that does not care the well being of the immigrants in the society. The move by the media is biased because they only consider the fate of the 12 million immigrants in the country.

The population of America is over 100 million people and what the media should consider is the fate of all the American people. Having a big influx of immigrants without control in our country is not the way to go since we need a framework of ensuring that we can be able to handle the immerging numbers (Quednow, 2009). There is no importance of allowing a big number of immigrants in our country, yet we are only straining our services.

The recent incidences in our country should also make us wonder if increasing the number of immigrants is necessary. The fact that we have faced many security threats, and even instances of death through bombing, are reason enough to make us be restrictive on our policies. The quota system allows us to control the number of citizens entering the country and ensure careful scrutiny of these people. Among the things to ensure is the issuing and documentation of these people.

Instances of oppression to these people are therefore minimal as one automatically becomes a citizen of this country. The issue by the media was sensationalized, the fact that when immigrants are regarded as citizens of the country, many more will be encouraged to enter the country illegally. More and more immigrants will be finding there way in this country uncontrollably and, who knows what some of these people are capable of doing? (Barone, 2007). Approval of such policies may be of great effect on American economy as well as the labor force.

The United States faces a positive contribution in the economy due to the presence of the immigrants. The taxes the immigrants pay are much over the benefits the immigrant gets from the economy. The immigrants also have a positive effect on the workforce of the American people. Without their presence, the workforce would be facing a problem. The workforce was growing in a slower rate and the retiring population was more than the population that was deemed to take over their position (Anrig, 2004).

The influx of the immigrants’ has increased the workforce and younger people are paying taxes and the social security which was previously facing a problem has now in improved its financial condition. Job previously deemed as shun by the locals have been take by immigrants hence increasing the workforce. However, the effect of the immigrants is not always positive. Statistics have shown that annual wages that are realized by the Native Americans have decreased because of presence of the immigrants. A 2.4% decrease on the lower skilled workers is notable due the presence of the immigrants.

However, to the manual laborers, not much effect was felt in terms of the wages (Anrig, 2004). As a manager, the issue of immigrants in the workforce may not be a problem. Using the golden rule would be the best way to go about it: that is, treating the workers whether immigrants or not the way I would like to be treated, since nobody likes to be discriminated, the same should not be extended to other people.

There is need to embrace diversity since it offers us with a chance to learn from other people as well as increasing competition in the work place. As a manager, I would also ensure that the views of the immigrants as well as views of other workers are put in consideration (Harvey, 2008). Presence of immigrants in America today has brought out several responses both politically and on the media. The media is keen to defend the immigrants and against the existing notion of taking them as criminals. Politically, the country is split on the treatment of the immigrants with one wing supporting the current situation of the quota system. Another wing is campaigning of documentation of the already existing immigrants and softening of the laws that relate to immigrants. The decision on the way to treat this issue depends on the benefits and the problems that come with having the immigrants around. However, the benefits and the problems should not only be economic ones, they should extend beyond monetary values since there is more to life than just money.

Other consideration like the security of the nation should be put in consideration. However, discrimination should be avoided once we have the immigrants in our country, and should be treated as any other native citizen. In the work place, the golden rule should mostly apply. Treating every body as an equal, not only develops respect among individuals, but also increases diversity in the working place.

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