Media different ways. The media helps us

             Mediainfluences society every single day in many different ways. The media helps usto create the publics opinion. We trust the media to give us our news,entertainment and education.

We make our shopping decisions based onadvertisements we see in newspapers or on television. The media is agood way to develop awareness to the world and what’s going on around you. Weall have a platform where we can voice our opinions, as well as hear otheropinions from people around the world. We have easy ways to communicate withsomeone from anywhere in the world, at any time. Thanks to the media we areprovided with information and news from all around the globe. When we seesomething bad on the news, we are influenced to create a better society.            Thereare a lot of good shows for children to watch that will have a positive impacton them. For example, Sesame Street will teach your children about thealphabet, numbers, colors and much more.

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It is both entertaining and informing.This way even children can watch television and have a good outcome from it.They are learning basic skills that are needed in everyday life.Although the mediahas positive influences, it can also affect us negatively. We see violencealmost daily, either from video games, movies, or on the news.

The two boys whomurdered their schoolmates of Columbine High School were known for playingviolent video games often. Constantly seeing violence may result in kidsbecoming less sensitive to the pain of others. They also may be more likely toact aggressively towards others.

            Anothernegative influence of media is the body image it expects us to have. The worldis full of imperfect people but with the use of Photoshop anyone can seemperfect. The beauty standard seems almost impossible to achieve for mostpeople. Perfect skin, body, and hair. This has led to an increased amount ofanorexia and bulimia cases in girls and boys.

Boys seem to feel less manly ifthey don’t fit the proper image set by media.             Althoughthe media can be entertaining, and you may want to watch the news or sit infront of your computer all day, it can result in laziness. Playing outside has becomealmost extinct. More and more people are going to become lazy by wanting to bein front of that screen all day and not do anything else. This can result inbad eating habits and can end in weight problems such as obesity.             Overall,the media influences all of us in many different ways, positive and negative.

We can learn news from all over the world, including valuable lessons, howeveryou have to be careful what you’re watching or listening to and how it willaffect you as a person. Media influences society by giving us a look of theworld and all of its possibilities. Media is constantly growing, just like weare. 


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