Media internet. You can spread fake news

Media is not a healthy
democracy Media is powerful it can manipulate the mind of the people. Because right
now fake news is being spread which some people really think it’s real and they
believe in that said fake news. Because of it we don’t know what news are we
going to believe in right now. With social media fake news is spread faster. Also,
most media are so negative because of too much freedom and bias. And with
social media some rely on it too much and in the internet. You can spread fake
news easily and they won’t know who created that news because it is very easy to
make a fake account for example in Facebook.


like what Karl Marx said “religion is the opium of the people” it is not healthy
for Philippine democracy because religion is highly influential you worship
them every time because we Filipinos are so faithful in our religion even
though the religion is overpowering the law we still stay so faithful. And also,
for example the RH bill was implemented because the Catholic Church strongly
protest the bill to be implemented even though some family who are poor enough and
still creating a life (child) even though they don’t have the right amount of
resources to raise them right because of RH Bill this still becomes a possibility.

The educational system
here in the Philippines is also not a healthy democracy. DepEd mainly focused
in K to 12 but they didn’t realize that the real problem is the lack of
studying place or classrooms. Because some students don’t have their own
classroom. And also, we have shortage of teachers. Without K to 12 we already
have a shortage now that K to 12 is implemented we would lack more of
classrooms and teachers because there will be two additional years added in high
school. They should solve the real problem first before implementing K to 12.  In some circumstance in one classroom there are
80 students sharing with that one classroom.


Economic situation is also not a healthy democracy of
Philippine democracy because even though the rate of unemployment decreased the
rate of underemployment is still not that low and this doesn’t help our
economy. It causes the people who has a degree don’t get to use their skills on
their current job. Which means even though you are a bachelor’s degree graduate
you are not assured that you will get the right job that you will love and will
not be able to get a job that mainly use your skill for example you are a BS in
Architecture graduate but after graduating you ended up working in a call
center some are forced to work abroad because they don’t want to end up working
a call center.


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