Media and misuse of social media has taken

      Media is a useful network if usedcorrectly. It is a place where we can get information easily.

In addition, itis also a place of communication where we can connect with distant friends. The21st century generation has made social media a place for expressing theirfeelings, showing them something to do and displaying their pictures. Socialmedia networks and media tools provide opportunities for children or adults tochat, connect, access information and research (Abdulahi et al., 2014; Ahn,2011). Popularity of online social networking sites and including social mediaabuses resulting in austerity has led to research on potential uses. Studieshave shown that 8 percent to 50 percent of college students suffer fromInternet addiction problems.

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     When it comes to social media addiction,they do not think the effects will be over. Social media will be abused, socialmedia benefits will be lost and future weaknesses. The social media critiqueexists it is not like physical crimes such as murder, steal but it is done fromsocial media whether twitter or Facebook or online dating sites, as well assharing illegal sites such as pornography to the community or children or cybercrimethat can threaten humanity and the law and it can happen again. Some of the misuse associated withsocial media are loss of privacy, sexual predators, cyberbullying, time consumption,reduction in real human contact,reduces instruction on age oflanguage use and creative writing skills and effect on health.

    First, loss of privacy is a fundamentalproblem and it is very easy to use this social networking site because socialmedia network users can put personal information and are actually easy toaccess by other users to view the personal information. In addition, thissocial media can also be misused by students. If students are dissatisfied theyare arbitrarily depriving the dissocial media so everyone can read and share,because the reputation of a department or individual will be bad and fall andhave violated their privacy rights and misuse of social media has taken place.Social network users claim to be worried about the risks to privacy, but notleast to protect their information (Dwyer et al., 2007).

     Second, sexual predators are a very seriousproblem unnoticed. Too many cases related to losing privacy. Because tooobsessive, the users accept the followers to make their followers a lot andaccept it without knowing the person, and users also often upload privatepictures so that users often forget not every good person is in the world. For example,the case of a man aged 42 was disguised as a 16-year-old teenager to getacquainted and communicate with the girls privately. Due to the many cases likethis, many children or teenagers became victims of predators through online.      Third, cyberbullyingis a deed through social media networks such as damaging or harassing otherusers in the way of insulting, mocking. The late often write defamatorystatements through Facebook twitter or Myspace. Mostly bully uses fake namesand pictures on social sites.

In addition to cyberbullying they are also calledas defamation. This defamation is the most affected person of this cyberbully,most often the most affected people are politicians and celebrity. They willalways be criticized, slandered and humiliated by cyberbully even though theyknow they are doing social media crimes.     Fourth,the use of social media can causestudents to be addictive and take a lot of time of the students and canactually be considered as a waste of time. Because of appreciating time, it canactually be used for activities more productive. Paul, Baker, Cochran in 2012has written the impact of social media use on students in academic performance.Increasingly time spent by students in online social networking hasdeteriorated student performance in learning.

Addictive online socialengagement involves a negative impact on academic performance. (Kirschner &Karpinski, 2010). Accordingto the study, Malaysians among countries reported to have a large number offriends and spend more time on social media such as Facebook because ofaddiction. The enthusiasm of Malaysian citizens for Facebook is very clearwhether students or the public. (The Star, 2010). While Facebook is used toconnect with the public and improve the student’s social life, it is also notedthat excessive use of Facebook has a bad effect. As a matter of fact, the termDependency of Facebook Disturbance (FAD) was created to refer to the negativeimpact of excessive use of Facebook (Fenichel, 2009).      Fifth,reduction in real human contact isstudents who spend too much time on social media actually spend less time socializingwith others.

It reduces their communication skills. They cannot communicate andsocialize effectively. Many complaints from employers during interviews aregraduates of the current lack of communication skills that the graduates shouldknow and be clear that communication skills are very important duringinterviews and work. While working we need to communicate with a wide range ofpeople, and students should be willing from now on. The key to success iscommunication skills.

     Sixth, reduces instruction on age oflanguage use and creative writing skills is too much communication on socialmedia networks also gives negative impact to this user as most students useslang words or short sentences. This causes the students to be banned and beginto rely on computer grammar. This causes the student’s creative writing skillsto diminish and deteriorate.Seventh,effect on health excessive use of this social media will have a negative impactespecially on the students in terms of health and mentality. Learners shouldhave enough rest so that they are happy to receive knowledge easily but becauseover time with the use of social media students are willing to not take theright food at time and they are willing to take excessive coffee to stay activeso that it can affect their health. Because they do not have enough rest, thestudents will feel lethargic and inactive like other students and they also cannotfully accept the knowledge.    In conclusion, social media can actuallyendanger yourself, especially to students.

Not everyone uses social mediatowards a good goal. Age restrictions are no longer a barrier to exploring thesocial media environment. This social media network site has become popular andhas been growing rapidly due to users of university or college and teenagerswho are widespread in gaining access to global access. However, at present,communities and responsible parties should be aware and strengthen the securitylock on illegal sites that should not be explored. Your parents must also playa role in knowing their social media activities and keeping them in use withthe appropriate period. Teachers and colleagues should also help them avoidbeing exposed to social media and inform social media misuse.



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