Media and celebrity


There are various people all over the world who have become popular due their utterances, beliefs or even political ambitions. The various activities undertaken by the various individuals in performing their day to day life activities are the major source of their celebrity. This is not usually the case as some people usually engage in illegal or even life threatening activities so that they can be recognized by the general public or a specific category of the society. The most popular people are found to influence so many things and perspectives of others.

The influence is usually not positive and thus can have adverse effects on the individuals or the community at large. This paper seeks to analyze the effects of media and celebrity to the society. It critically analyzes the impacts on decision making of various personnel from the celebrity influence checking whether it makes the personnel involved to make informed decisions.

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Media and celebrity

There are various technologies used in the current world that are used to pass information among various people. These may printed like newspaper, audio like radio or audio visual like the television. These means of communication have been found to be very efficient and are mostly capable of passing information to large number of people within a very short period of time. This is usually due to their well established networks all over the region. Some of these Medias are available to all persons worldwide while others are only available to specific geographic regions. Another means of communication that have found its way all over the world is the internet.

This service connects various people all around the globe and is very fast in communication. This service also provides social sites where different persons interact and share their views and opinions on various aspects that may be affecting them and the society at large.

Media and celebrity impacts on decision making

These Medias usually pass various informations about different people in the society.

The news may be praising or cursing different activities or events undertaken by various people across the world. These media usually have no tight regulation about the access of the information and this usually makes the information land to the wrong audience. Some people usually depend on these Medias as their main source of information. Such people are found to base their arguments on the information provided without critically analyzing it (Miller, Hess and Orthmann 10). This thus means that the presence of a mistake in the passing of the information may have very bad implications on the decisions that such people are likely to make. Such phenomenon usually occur when the source of information are celebrities whose followers usually take in whatever he or she says and are usually to his or her defense incase of any problem.

The environment in which the children are brought up in is usually important and it determines their argument basis and character as they grow up. The first argument that a child is taught as he is bought up usually sticks to their minds and they usually reject any other proposal. The new approach to their already known version of an idea, person or activity usually finds its way in after persuasion. This thus requires the children to be exposed to the right kind of information so as to mould their characters and arguments in the positive way.

Young children are usually found to be fond of imitating various people for various reasons and these people who are their celebrity usually influence their characters. In the case that the celebrity is involved in activities that are illegal or against the culture, norms or traditions of a given community or society, then the children are most probable to be of ill character in future. Many things that are usually heard or seen again and again are usually assimilated into a person’s life. This is one of the means in which the celebrities usually make their impacts on various peoples mind. When such opinions or activities are usually repeated, they are usually taken to be truth. The truth is that these opinions are not usually right and thus pose a very big danger if used to implement various things. The opinions or views may be on political, social or economic issues. When celebrity or experts such as scientists and researchers are usually implicated in the production of a certain piece of material, people are usually found to be in favor with it without analyzing it.

Due to the fact that these people are usually expert in these fields, people usually take the information without any modification. This is evident in various advertisements where people make decision depending on the celebrities used in making the advertisement. The scarcity of an idea or such personnel is one of the means used by the celebrities to win and influence different people’s minds. There are various reasons why people usually imitate celebrities. The celebrities are found to have strong influence on various people decision making and lifestyles. Lack of confidence in anything that one undertakes may cost him too much. It usually results in one failing in whatever he is undertaking not because he has insufficient knowledge or capabilities but because he views himself inferior compared to others. This usually gives the celebrities an upper hand in influencing the mind of the people involved.

Peer pressure if not well controlled can lead people in to using invalid information. This problem is especially found among the youths whose activities and behavior is mainly influenced by the company of his age mates which he keeps and interacts with. During their chatting, the youth’s discussions are usually based on the celebrities in various industries such as music and movies among others. In between the youths, some of them are found to be very convincing to others about information they got about certain celebrities from various media outlets (Program Committee 7). To avoid critics from fellow peer group members, the youths usually imitate and take the information provided to them which sometimes turns out to be very bad and usually affects their future as they may find themselves undertaking illegal activities. Body conformations are mostly inherited from our parents and grandparents. According to some celebrities, being slim is considered to be good looking especially for ladies. Most ladies are found to be very much concerned about their looks and are undergoing various activities such as surgery and lack of feeding to obtain their admirable conformation.

This usually leads to many complications and diseases which may sometimes lead to death. This is due to provision of wrong information to the public by the news agencies which usually make people to make unsound decisions (Good & Nichols 4). In the political field, political celebrities have been found to lead people into crisis.

These cases usually are executed for personal gain to a person or a group of people. The main cause of the prevalence of such occurrences is lack of proper information and ignorance among the community or society members (Leslie 1).


The media is found to give the image of the celebrities as good or bad.

The media usually presents information in audio, visual, written or audio visual impacts which have great impacts on the children and the youths. To the young, these impacts are usually very significant in modeling their personality. The young children are found to look up to celebrities as their role model and usually have no one to guide them so that they can make good judgment on the information they are given. The youths on the other hand find the peer pressure to be one of the greatest forces driving them. The youths and the children should be given proper guidance so as to avoid them from getting into activities that may ruin their lives. On the other hand, the media personality should be very careful of the utterances they make when performing their shows. In general media affects our perception of various activities and thus to maintain good culture, everyone should join hands to make our children’s future brighter.

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