Such wrongly operated the good eye instead

Such wrong treatment would be a great peril to the life of a patient. This is no idle example. Many such cases were reported in the newspapers. Once in Hyderabad a doctor had wrongly operated the good eye instead of the one with an impaired vision! This affected the patient adversely and in the end, he lost both the eyes and became total blind! That’s why there is an amusing saying that ‘Earth swallows a doctor’s mistakes’. This is no stray incident! Recently, there was a hue and cry that the Air Traffic Control (ATC) has done a blunder and a passenger flight and President’s helicopter were about to collide head on in India! This was due to the half-baked knowledge of die staffer! Likewise, many train accidents too occur. If the points man/cabin man receives two trains in the same track it results in head on collision.

A half learned school teacher cannot impart good education to the student community and the school students’ carrier will be spoilt. So it becomes important and necessary too that one must be competent in one’s own work, else a wrong thing would not only fetch punishment to the half learned man, but it is sure to endanger the lives of other persons too. Right, it is said, is more precious than peace! So, let’s always try to be right.

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