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McCorkle came up with something called cuss time. Cuss time is five minutes of the day that she allows her son to say anything he wants. After the five minutes is up, he cannot cuss until twenty-four hours later. She came up with this idea after she noticed her son silently mouthing words and noticed her son getting embarrassed when she seen him.

There are two important points in this essay. The first point is that without cussing or using words that society does not accept, people cannot properly express themselves. Society makes people feel restricted from saying certain words because people are conditioned to think the words are bad or dirty. The words are bad only if culture considers them as bad. The second point is that if the people do not stand up and protect the freedom of speech, then language will eventually be changed. The freedom of speech is there to give people the freedom to say what is on their mind.

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An element in the essay to disagree with is how she thought she would have been a better person and have more confidence if she had grown up with cuss time. According to “Cuss Time”, “I have often thought what a better, more confident person I would have been if only I had grown up with cuss time instead of soap licking.” (McCorkle 2). Not all people who grow up with something like cuss time will end up being a great person. Cuss time, sometimes, is not a good thing. For example, some children who have cuss time could potentially cuss when it is not cuss time. Cuss time could also lead to children overusing those words. Also, there are many people who grew up without cuss time and are very confident with themselves.

Having cuss time does not mean someone will grow up to be a better person or have more confidence. Cuss time is very relevant to today’s audience. People tend to think it is unacceptable for children to cuss. They do not realize how saying those words could help relieve stress. Sometimes those words are the only words to correctly express someone’s emotions. To understand someone’s feelings, people need to be nonjudgmental. Today’s society is not taking advantage of the freedom of speech.

If more people would have cuss time, then cursing will become normal in society. In conclusion, cuss time could possibly be a good thing for children. According to “Cuss Time”, “We take away thoughts and ideas before they even have the opportunity to hatch. We build a world around negatives—you can’t say, think, or do this or that. We teach that if you are safely camouflaged in what is acceptable and walk that narrow road—benign or neutral words, membership in institutions where we are told what to think and believe—then you can get away with a lot of things.” (McCorkle 2).

Society makes people feel restricted from saying certain words. People should feel like they can freely express themselves without being criticized. Maybe one day everyone will have the freedom of speech.


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