Matthew kids as well as food and transportation.

Matthew StreitenbergerMr. GentilcoreEnglish 113 November 2017Why the U.S Has a good education systemMerriam Webster defines education as the action or process of educating or of being educated The education system in the U.S. differs from others in many other countries in many ways. The United States provides education to all its kids as well as food and transportation. These defining features of education in the U.S. It is why we have among some best ranked universities in the world, and unfortunately it is also why applying to U.S. colleges and universities can be very difficult. We do have a Department of Education, but sadly it is one of the smallest federal departments. It doesn’t have much say in schools or universities in America. It doesn’t hand out or diplomas. It doesn’t create the curriculum for schools across the U.S. So each college or university in the United States choose how they see best to teach their students. This leads to one of the great strengths of U.S. education, diversity. With thousands and thousands of accredited universities and colleges, the U.S. education system gives a great deal of learning options so that almost all students can study whatever they so choose in a way that keeps people from working in a way that doesn’t work for them.While many different colleges teach math and science in the traditional way, others try to change their approach towards the historical roots of these subjects. For example St. John’s College that has many campuses across America teaches every subject through its many different books. So while physics students read Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica the geometry students read Euclid’s Elements. This is just one model. There are many different types of others. And since the U. S doesn’t have a strong Department Of Education the U.S. gives universities and colleges the ability to change when the needs of students change and when our ever-changing world change.One of the many reasons that the United States educational system isn’t as terrible as people say is because in other nations they have to pay for food transportation and sometimes uniforms for the kids In the U.S all children have a free education. U. S education is free and is not limited to those who can pay, in some countries only kids who can afford schooling can go. Also, access is not limited to kids who have transportation to and from school, some countries don’t provide free transportation to and from school like they do in the U. S this makes school more accessible to kids. It is also not limited to kids who have enough money to afford uniforms, pay for a school lunch, or even kids who have a home. Any child in the U. S can have a free education for 13 or more years of their life. Whenever someone shows you test result from a country that has better test scores in every subject than the United States check to see if they have free transportation provided to and from school from all the regions of their country. Check to see if the students need to pay money to buy mandatory uniforms, books, supplies, lunch and all the other varying costs for basic education before they can access the education. The United States test scores are not even comparable to scores of a country that has thousands and thousands of poor uneducated children without any access to education at all. The comparison between the U. S and other countries is unfair, false, and makes you think that there is injustice in the U. S school system and that is simply not true. No school system around the world provides the free and all-inclusive education United States provides free access to education for everyone from the rural outskirts and the urban poor.Also knows that there are other factors such as poverty. Poverty reduces your ability to obtain health care, books, early childhood education and many other things that can increase learning development through one’s life. If a country only tests the wealthiest and smartest students the test scores on average will most likely be much higher than that if you tested all of the kids including the lowest performers. So since test scores will not be as good if you test all of your students why would other countries want to taint their test scores they want them to be as good as they could be to make their country seem better. This is exactly what happens in countries where poor children can’t gain access to education. So their test scores may look like they are higher than the United States test scores. This is why having access to education for all students is so important. People who criticize the US education who make their living trying to find problems with the U. S and subsequently doing nothing to fix it will conveniently ignore this when judging the U.S. Include free access to an education for 13 years for all children in the U. S into thought and the answer will be simple: The United States system of education is doing a good job educating children and preparing them through testing and college readiness course This doesn’t mean our system is problem free. There are plenty of ways we could improve. We’re still incredibly segregated by race and class. Our funding formulas are often regressive and inadequate. Schools serving mostly poor students don’t have nearly the resources of those serving rich students. But at least at the very outset what we’re trying to do is better than what most of the world takes on. You can’t achieve equity if it isn’t even on the menu.a lot of nations don’t even provide an education for lower class kids while the U. S is struggling to try to provide the same education for low income students as they do for high income students So in conclusion while the U. S school system based on test scores doesn’t have a good education system. We need to remember that other Nations cherry pick their data and don’t test the less intelligent kids or in some cases not even teaching them. The U. S is one of the few nations that provide education to every kid no matter what the circumstance this means that the U. S pays for lunch, transportation, and we don’t make kids pay for things like uniforms. So while most people think education is useless because it doesn’t teach you how to do taxes of things of that Nature remember that most kids don’t have to take out a house loan or file taxes so while the U. S may not have great test scores we do include all of the kids, and we provide food and transportation as well. That is why the U. S education system does properly prepare kids for life.SourcesChen, Grace. “10 Major Challenges Facing Public Schools.”, 22 June 2017,, Peter. “10 Critical Issues Facing Education.” Education Week – Finding Common Ground, 2   May 2016, World: School Issues: Glossary, ARE THE MOST SERIOUS PROBLEMS IN SCHOOLS?” What Are the Most Serious Problems in Schools,


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