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Masse 1Steven MasseMr. MitchellENG4U-13January 18 2018The Winning Tactic of WarWhat is the most powerful weapon one can have in a all out war? In The Fifth Wave  the strongest tool of war used is deceit. The “Others,” highly intelligent aliens, first tried to brute force eliminate the human race, dwindling their numbers but failing nonetheless. Deceit is the strategy that will be the big finisher, allowing a easy and clean victory. For the humans deceit built distrust among each other, fighting for the wrong side while being unaware of doing so, and the self-preservation and the betrayal among themselves. All of these elements bring down the holocaust upon the human race.     The fourth wave brought the first signs of such deceit into play. It had the Others planted in and taken over the human hosts minds. While talking to Cassie, Evan described how they took over the human body:Silencers. It’s a good name for us. We were silent, hiding inside human bodies, hiding inside human lives. We didn’t have to pretend to be you. We were you. Humans and Other. Evan didn’t die when I awakened. He was…absorbed. (Yancey 368)Masse 2Evan helps the reader to understand that the Others went to such great lengths to create deceit that they had been in humans, waiting, for decades. This made the entirety of the remaining human population to fear seeing one another and created separation and distrust among themselves. A good quote from Cassie shows what everyone left is really thinking, “The first rule: trust no one. Which leads to the second rule: The only way to stay alive… is to stay alone” (267). Since no one could tell Others from humans no one could trust anyone, and large groups started to break down and seperate. This separation allowed the Others to pick off humans one by one because they were no longer together and no longer had strength in numbers. This created an easy and clean sweep for them to eliminate humans with little to no casualties. This brings the victory for the Others, for the cleansing of the human filth, to dawn on the horizon.      Secondly, turning the humans against each other by fighting for the wrong side arose with such deceit. The Others recruited children, whose minds were easily manipulated, and pretended to be the human army fighting back against the big bad aliens. They first took over the Wright Patterson base and turned it into their main headquarters. They took these children and trained them in advanced military tactics to become cold-blooded relentless killing machines over a few months. They had recruited thousands of children to their cause in just one base upon the countless out there and used the children as pawns in their war against human kind. Cassie had a strong Masse 3thought on this topic, “Well, that’s terrific isn’t it? A two-front war. Us-versus-them and us-versus-us-and-them” (158). At this point in the novel Cassie was quite upset about such knowledge she had just gained, it is a even higher expectancy of loss for the human race. These children pawns trained in combat results with no casualties for the Others and an easy wipe of the remaining earthlings with no trouble for them. The children are just sent to kill any human who has been detected by the surveillance drones and by doing so are tricked into fighting for the wrong side. When distrust is added to the mix of this it is a recipe for disaster for the human race, brought forward by the Others tricks and deceitfulness.     Lastly, the betrayal between humans brings forth the downfall of the human species very rapidly. When mistrust and fear is instilled upon one another people do rash and unreasonable things. With the aliens being indistinguishable from other people you can not believe anyone and as stated before all trust is lost. The people betray each other by attacking and killing anyone, even legitimate humans, as they see fit because they think that they are not human. This stems from self-preservation, the will to stay alive and not care about what you do to achieve that goal. The whole world is now in a  state of shoot first and ask questions later, the new normal thing to do, because as Cassie stated “You can only call someone crazy if there’s someone else who’s normal….Crazy: the new normal” (4). There is no difference anymore, the deceit that the Others brought to the humans caused everyone to go crazy, and kill each other with no regrets. Cassie Masse 4is able to recognize how this war ends, “It ends with us killing each other” (14). She knows that the Others have caused them to turn on each other and have converted children to fight for their side. Everything is falling in line with their plan and it is being executed perfectly because they played the human race like a guitar, used deceit to fuel their fear and rashness.     With all these factors and outcomes from the trickery and deceit that the Others have used, the swift defeat of the human population is only a matter of time. This strategy used guarantees the annihilation of the human species as they know it. From the distrust and seperation of groups of people, to the manipulation of children for their own benefit, to the rashness and killing of other people, the war is already lost. All of this brought to life by deceiving and exploiting the flaws of all human beings.


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