“Mary expanded by 1928 and she added various

McLeod Bethune in Florida”

N. Ashely. “Mary McLeod Bethune in Florida”. Charleston, SC: The History Press,
First Published 2015. The purpose of this book is to inform readers on Dr. Mary
McLeod Bethune and her accomplishments in Florida. To show the readers why she
is important and to keep students up to knowledge on why we have the Great
Bethune Cookman University, an how she became a leader for many people
throughout the world.

thesis of this book is “Nearly 111 years later, what is
known as Bethune- Cookman University stand on the shoulders of a woman who not
only shaped the political climate of Daytona but also contributed greatly to
activism in Florida.” (p.1) The thesis is developed by many details stating
what Dr. Bethune contribute to Florida from her being a leader to her building
her own school that still stands today. “Freedom had been dreamt, and her life
held unique promises because of it.” (p.15) Her dreams didn’t go as planned but
more came out of it then planned. Dr. Bethune moved to Daytona in 1904 with her
son, hoping since people were moving to Daytona because of railroads being
built that she would have girls moving there so she could be able to teach.”
The black Daytona Beach community was the backbone of the school, providing
much needed encouragement.” (p.18) Her school expanded by 1928 and she added
various programs. “She decided to start her very own hospital on the campus of
the all-girls school” (p.30) The hospital was made because of the segregation
during the time and blacks couldn’t attend the hospital there so she started
her own and named it after her parents. “At the age of seventy-seven, she had
accomplished much as a college president, women’s rights organizer and
presidential consultant, and the opening of the foundation was her last
endeavor.” (p.48) ” When Bethune and her friends purchased Bethune-Volusia
Beach, it was to provide not only access to the African American community but
also an investment opportunity” Starting this beach was important for
Dr.Bethune because blacks couldn’t go on any other beach due to segregations. I
think the author achieved her purpose because there’s so much details and facts
in the book. Reading through the book I learned so much more about Dr. Bethune
and what she did for this community and people in the world. She was such a
respected woman in her day and still today its thanks to her that, so many
black students have the chance to come to school. Dr. Bethune was a very smart
woman who had a dream and saw it through. The book was very easy to read, as
well as easy to understand.  My favorite
parts of the book are “depart to serve the local community” (p.28) “Founding of
the Bethune foundation” (p.55) “World’s most famous beach” (p.69) “The founding
of National Council of Negro Women” (p.120) These are my favorite parts because
it shows how Dr. Bethune contributed and exactly how. Her contributions will
forever be remembered, as well as praised because he was an amazing woman who
basically did it all and gave us all a future so that we can make all dreams
and aspirations come true. All of this was done to help African Americans when
they weren’t being treated fairly back in her day, but now her university sill
stands today helping out so many more students.  This book makes contributions about everything
Dr. Bethune has did over her years here on earth; Creating her own hospital and
creating her own school. I examined two other books and the interpretation was
basically the same explaining what she did, her life and contributions
throughout her life. “Mary McLeod Bethune” by Margo McLoone and “Mary McLeod
Bethune in Washington, D.C.” by Dr. Ida E. Jones.

111 years later, what is known as Bethune- Cookman University stand on the
shoulders of a woman who not only shaped the political climate of Daytona but
also contributed greatly to activism in Florida.” (p.1) The main point of this
book was to explain Dr.Bethune contributions to Florida, her life, and how she
got to where she did in life. Dr.Bethune turned a trash dump into a university
with 31,000 students, what other founder you know made that much of an
accomplishment and impact on so many people. She did what many others didn’t or
couldn’t and because of that I’m so thankful for her and her works in life. I
would definitely recommend this book because it was so much detail and
information, this book would be great if someone was doing a report on her or
wanted to simply know more about Dr. Bethune and what she did or how the school
was founded.  This book was amazing from
what I read and gave me more understanding of my founders background an her.


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