In Lucy’s cottage, the narrator said that “the

In Karl Marx’s philosophy, he explained that man uses certain nature or object in order to explain the value of another object. This philosophy tends to switch the value of two objects wherein the value of the object A will be the switched with the value of the object B and vise versa.The connection of these switching values as Marx explained is that when two objects are converted to the value of each other, they are considered as reverse or almost balance wherein no matter how low the object A values, when switched with the value of the object B, then the object A will be as high as the former value of the object B and the object B will currently have the value of the object A. Marx simply wanted to show that in order to make a surplus type of value, the higher value will be exchanged with the lower value.

In the poem, Lucy is often switched to the value of another object such as when she was symbolized by the moon. Lucy is considered as precious and as beautiful as the moon wherein the moon’s value was taken by the narrator in order to make it the value of Lucy. Another is when the narrator said that Lucy is like the fresh rose in June: a fresh rose in June is a beautiful, soft, and sweet characterized object and therefore the narrator considered Lucy as sweet, soft, and beautiful (“Marx’s Theory of Surplus-Value”). HyperboleHyperbole is explained as the kind of figure of speech which expresses something through making it extremely exaggerated.

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Lots of hyperbole words can be recognized in Wordsworth’s poem such as when the narrator stated that “his horse moved on; hoof after another”, and when they finally arrived at Lucy’s cottage, the narrator said that “the moon which he defined as bright suddenly dropped”. This part of the poem is considered a hyperbole when the narrator said the statement that when they reached the cottage then the bright moon suddenly dropped which is exaggerated or is literally untrue (Ltd).Symbolism This figure of speech is almost the same as Karl Marx’s philosophy towards objects’ value. Objects in symbolism can act or serve as another object such as in the poem. There are such examples of the uses of symbolism in the poem such as the statement of fresh rose on June which symbolizes Lucy and another is when the moon was also used by the narrator in order to symbolize Lucy (Ltd). ConclusionWordsworth unconsciously used lots of different structures in his poem because he created his poem through strongly expressing passion for the love towards a certain woman he once loved. These said structures were discussed as a part of symbolism, hyperbole, and thus a certain philosophy from Karl Marx about the exchange value of a certain object. This poem also is considered as rhetorical structured statements which made the poem so simple but strongly striking.

It is the kind of poem that allows the reader to emotionally understand the author’s feeling and to explore the authors past as he tells about his story as well. Therefore, Lucy, a strange fits of passion is a sophisticatedly structured lyrical poem which is created for the purpose of understanding the passion that the author has and thus it is created to address his past experience about a love he once felt with the undying strange feeling of passion.Works CitedLtd, Red Apple Education. “Hyperbole, Allusion, Symbolism, Synechdoche, Metonomy.” (2007). November 30 <http://www. skwirk. com.

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November 30 <http://www. geocities. com/youth4sa/economics2. html>. Wordsworth, William. “Lucy. ” (2007). November 30 <http://www.

online-literature. com/wordsworth/520/>.

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