Martin Also in document 8 he continues

Martin Luther Kings Jr. and Malcolm X had similar philosophies of giving African American men and women equal rights. America suffered segregation for many years from 1665 through 1964. Slavery ended in 1865 wich still had colored working more hours for less money.

Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had an ambition to make America equal. I think that Martin Luther King Jr. had a more efficient philosophy then Malcolm X who had a violent and non-peaceful mindset and Martin Luther King Jr. did not, he wanted everything to peaceful and all words.In document 2 Martin Luther King Jr. longed for desegregation in America.

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While still having PEACE LOVE AND POSITIVITY. It says that he wanted everyone to be civil and equal.  This would make America an equal nation which is what people desired in America especially in the North. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of having former slaves and owner of those slaves could sit at a table and have a nice meal without tensions. This would be a huge step for the South and an even bigger step for America. Also in document 8 he continues to mention that violence is not the answer to fixing what the discrimationing country has done.

Our positive actions and words can and may change the point of view for the people which was Martin Luther King Jr.’s hopes. This tells us that two different people with different beliefs of how to fix this horrid problem can still make everyone civil and equal. Even though Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had different views on changing the world’s view on segregation, they were still great acquaintances.

Their friendship had a strong connection that they did not fued about decisions. Document 1 shows them shaking hands and smiling this illustrates that they are friends and are willing to work together to make this problem resolved. First impressions are everything both men had dressed formally for the event which shows power and professionalism.  In document 7 and 8 it tells the reader that they had the same outlook on boycotting. Martin Luther King Jr. made his words a positive statement to the country while,  Malcolm X’s words were not love but violence. Once again Martin Luther King Jr. was highly against violence.

Nonviolence symbolizes civil, disobedience, economic or political non cooperation, satyagraha or other methods while being nonviolent. Martin Luther King Jr. focused in peace and love and in document 4 he talks about burning the churches down and bombing homes. He mentioned that this will not dissuade us from boycotting and protesting for our rights of equality. Also in document 6 the philosophy of nonviolence is the beginning of accepting evil in to our protest. This is another reason why I think that Martin Luther King Jr.

was a better “candidate” to lead the civil rights movement. Malcolm X wanted to enforce violence unlike Martin Luther KIng Jr. he had never enforced violence but agreed with the idea of using violence if it was needed. In document 9 Malcolm X contradict himself with his words when he said that he wasn’t in favor of violence. It’s also says in document 3 that we are all equal which showed that he had the same objective as Martin Luther King Jr.

believed in. Document 5  says that Malcolm X wanted the Colored to stand up for themselves and not settle for what they are receiving. But violvocal for Malcolm X’s was a big part of his philosophy unlike Martin LUther KIng Jr had had.

This is one of many reasons why people likes him or disliked him. I still think that Malcolm X contradicted himself with what he was saying. He still wanted love but if violence was the solution he wasn’t afraid to be violent with his approach. This is why I think that Martin Luther King who had wanted PEACE LOVE AND POSITIVITY. He had a more efficient Philosophy then Malcolm X who had wanted to use violence and love. Martin Luther KIng Jr.

had made his actions true for everyone and had stayed with his words and never added violence to his choices.


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