Martin a degree. He later got his

Martin Luther King Jr. one of our greatest heroes of all timeand one of the greatest symbols of social justice. He was born on Tuesday,January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. Ever since he was a boy he always taughtto himself, why are we treated this way? He asked his mother and his motherresponded God made us all equal, but some people are just to ignorant to seethat. Martin didn’t believe it was right to discriminate other people becauseof the persons skin color and he wanted to make a change.Martin Luther king was born into a financially secure middleclass family in a poor community.

Martin had many white friends but later theywere no longer allowed to play together. That didn’t stop him he was doing goodin school. He attended segregated public school in Georgia until he was 15. Afterthat, he went to Morehouse college the same college his father and grand fatherwent. He worked really hard and graduated, and got a degree.

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He later got hisfinal doctorate in 1955 at Boston university.Since African Americans were really poor he decided to gofind a job. But sadly all of the places he went he was turned down.

Back In theday African Americans were not allowed to be in the same places white peoplewere in. They had different restrooms, restaurants, seats, super markets, andmany other places they weren’t allowed to be in. In June 18, 1953 Martin Luther king jr and Coretta Scottmarried at the Scott home near Marison, Alabama. In 1954 martin begins hispastorate at Dexter Avenue Baptist church in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1955martin is awarded his doctorate in systematic theology from Boston university.And later that year his first child was born.

That same year Rosa parks incidenthappened were she sat in a white person’s seat. Later that week king becomesthe president of the Montgomery improvement Association. In 1956 somethinghorrible happened when martin was giving a speech. His house was bombed by aperson that didn’t agree with king, and his wife and daughter were there.

Nothing happened to them but that made martin Luther king jr really angry andgave a speech pleading to stop all the violent acts. In 1962 king is arrested at an Albany, Georgia prayer vigiland jailed. After spending two weeks in jail, king was released.

During theclosing session of the SCLC conference in Birmingham, Alabama, a member of theAmerican Nazi party assaults king, striking him twice in the face. Nothinghappened to the person that hit him.  Martin was tired of all the abuse white people were doing hewas tired they didn’t have the same rights and gave his most famous speech “IHave a Dream” in August 28, 1963, in which he calls for an end to racism in TheUnited States and called for the civil and economic rights. Delivered to over250,000 civil rights supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial inWashington D.

C. That speech was the defining moment of the Civil RightMovement.As a result of the march and the speech, the citizens of thenation began to put growing pressure on the president administration of John F.

Kennedy, encouraging the president to push for civil rights law to pass throughCongress and become recognized on a national level.Because of his commitment to peace, non-violence and equalityfor all. Kings hard work was able to pay off and he was able to accomplish hisgoal and Dream for all. It didn’t matter what the challenge was he faced it onand was able to make a difference now he’s a hero for all and one of our mostimportant people in history.

It doesn’t matter what the challenge is if your determinedyou will make a difference.


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