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  Marriage and the Nuclear FamilyMarriage and the nuclear family are still discussed and debated today. Today, people are allowed to get divorced and remarried, adopt, and marry people of the same gender. Marriage is the legal bond between two people in a relationship, while family is the biological or legal bond between a group of people that may be related. In Brave New World, “Home, home- a few small rooms, stiflingly over-inhabited by a man, by a periodically teeming woman, by a rabble of boys and girls of all ages. No air, no space; an under sterilized prison; darkness, disease, and smells” (Huxley 37). Marriage and the nuclear family are still being discussed today and are a relevant topic in today’s society.In the past, girls and boys as young as fourteen years old were married by either cause of traditions, religious purposes, and even sometimes for sexual desires. Both genders were considered matured as soon as they’ve entered puberty and usually had no choice in whom they wanted to marry. But fast forward a few centuries and marriage becomes a popular way for one to express their eager desire for commitment, disregarding gender, while still preserving traditional ceremonies. Marriage now is held and celebrated between just two individuals generally over the age of twenty years old. Both men and women today have put their own personal interests in their job occupations rather than pursuing a significant other. Even laws have been put in place to shield the young from a underage forced marriage. Depending on the law in different states, older men or women are allowed to marry minors if they get parental consent, or a judge’s approval (“Military and Intelligence..”).  As for nuclear families, the average family size has changed over time and Harbour F. Hodder notes “As reproductive freedom is expanded, so has the option of when to have children–or weather to have them at all” (Hodder). Harbour has taken notice in the decrease in family size explaining the free choices of adults having few or no kids at all, confirming that fewer families are created and later marriages have become more common.Getting married and creating a family holds many benefits for family members. For example, people who are married tend to lead longer and healthier lives (“Same-Sex Marriage Protects Families…”). In addition, marriage offers 1,138 Federal benefits and responsibilities, not including the hundreds more offered by every state (“Same-Sex Marriage Protects Families…”). Raising a family has its benefits as well. The nuclear family is focused on children and promotes future-mindedness and ingenuity (Hymowitz). The nuclear family also forces its members to develop good working and saving habits (Hymowitz). Getting married and having families creates a healthy lifestyle and a more child-centered environment, therefore creating better educated people for the future.There are several positive impacts surrounding marriage and nuclear families but with the advantages also come the disadvantages. Getting married can lead to divorce, lack of acceptance, and the risk of child abuse or neglect. Divorce has slowly crept into society becoming more accepted as more people no longer felt obligated to continue their marriage until “death do us apart.” In some cases, getting a divorce can do more harm than good especially involving couples who have created their own families. Rod Liddle makes a good point saying “marriage was no longer for life but just for a bit. And the consequences did not really matter: What mattered was our immediate happiness” (Liddle). He explains how adults do not take into account of what a divorce can do to their children. Statistics show that students with single parents (in some cases) tend to do poorly in school, and have a higher chance of emotional and mental problems. Even if parents decide they are right for eachother and not to get divorce it still can be a problem for their family. Marriage promotion programs has pushed people in pursuit of marriage which has brought the rate of domestic violence and neglect on children up (“Promoting Marriage Will not…”).  In some states allowing the same genders to get married has been recently permitted and seemingly satisfies the communities, but still people do not accept it. A good example of this is the Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case that involved a Colorado baker who refused to sell a cake to newly engaged same sex couple. Even though this was decision formed around the baker’s religious beliefs the couple took his choices personally and decided to bring it to court and later appeal to the supreme court. Same-sex couples have trouble finding acceptance from both families and their communities. All these negative effects have started with marriage only to lead to disaster for gay couples, children, and even for couples themselves..


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