The the given section of the market.

The segment of a market is the part of the broad market that can be singled out as having convergent needs, wants and represents a certain age category. This is done by studying the spectrum of the area to be covered, the distance to be covered.

Age bracket of the people to be catered to at any given period has also to be critically assessed. Male and female are not in the same par when it comes to particular needs and wants so one has to be very sensitive of gender when segmenting. Maslow argues in a kind of a pyramid how needs are prioritized and grouped in the same way basic needs are grouped.

His system is useful in identifying the most crucial commodity a given group in the society needs and must be fulfilled before any other. People in a given society engage in different professions. Different professions have different food and nutrients demand and thus the targeted group’s profession cannot be overlooked to efficiently cater for it. The income of targeted group has also to be put into careful consideration so as to process a product that the target group can easily afford and hence ensure good returns to the company.

In other cases the race of the target group is important since there are different cultures associated with different races. The environment, climate and weather of the region have also to be paid careful (Smoke 2005). This enables the company to produce the most suitable commodity for the given section of the market. For the new beverage to be of a great success a wider age group must be targeted. This can be achieved with ease since the new drink contains ingredients that are recommended for almost all age groups although it would be advisable to pay attention mostly to the still growing generation of children and young people (Mercer 1996).

Fruits are beneficial to most if not all people for healthy growth, many medical professions recommend so for good body maintenance and positive required body metabolism. The new drink contains different fruit ingredients and would be popularly endorsed by the people. It is difficult and costly to provide various fruits and thus the drink will cater for these worries. Unlike fruits the drink is not perishable and can be stored for long periods thus economical and convenient. This drink will also be very useful to school going children.

It is affordable, convenient to pack and carry and most important it is hygienic. Parents would be eased the burden of worrying for fruit supplements for their growing children. Children require vitamins for healthy body growth and this drink provide such in the fruit ingredient. The drink has a sweet taste that will be most appealing to children and young adults therefore most of the effort should be put on the young generation. This product can be taken at any time of the day by all people.

It contains no alcohol content or excessive sugars and is suitable for persons even with diabetes. It will be environment friendly without pollution. This is so as the drink will be packaged in re-usable glass bottles to be later collected, those in plastic bottles and paper made packets are of high standards and also re-usable. The different packaging and in different quantities will have catered for a wide variety of people and the portability will be an advantage to those on transit. Research shows that food and drinks are a major cause of obesity. This drink contains no fats or cholesterol which is the main cause of food- cause obesity making it appropriate even to those who want to cut weight. Focusing on a wide range of people in the market will guarantee more sales and would have over shone the main competitor (Baker 1998). Our main arc rival and competitor have chiefly concentrated on youthful athletes predominantly males.

Our drink has also catered for that category by not having any cholesterol while at the same time containing essential nutrients to enhance efficient body metabolism. Our product is for both genders making it to cater for a wider spectrum than our competitor. While marketing this drink outside the US it would be best to concentrate on nations that have temperate and equatorial environment as the temperatures there make it conducive for cold drinks. And other nations are appropriate when it is not winter. The best mode of advertising to this segment is through the general media but mainly during hours that the young adults and children are paying more attention like during sports, soap operas, kids’ Programme. Print media is also very appropriate for this advertisement especially columns for young people and general audience (Moore 2010).

Using popular celebrities during advertisement could also be very appropriate; this is so since they are idolized by their fans that do most of the thing they see their idols do. Social networks like twitter and face book cannot be ignored as they have millions of followers, furthermore they are quick and cheaper and cover areas not easily accessible by other means.

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