Marketing of company. I believe marketing would challenge

Marketing Personal StatementMarketing has been my academic interest always due to the kind of career future possibility it has. Marketing demands the interest in me as it is certainly the most crucial area of a business. As a keen learner in business I perceive and recognize the relevancy of marketing for every type of company. I believe marketing would challenge my more creative side as well as testing my theoretical skills.

I’m particularly attentive to the more creative advertising side of marketing and the psychology behind it. My father owns his own furniture business so I appreciate how marketing and advertising campaigns can work and how they can contribute to the amount of sales in a business. My mother is also a part owner of her family business, therefore I have strong knowledge of business throughout my life and I believe that this has contributed to my desire towards this subject. I am currently studying a Level 3 Extended Diploma in BTEC Business.

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This course has helped me build my influential and negotiation skills as well as developing my analytical knowledge in marketing. For example, learning about the marketing mix, market segmentation and planning & forecasting gives me a thorough idea of what to expect when attracting customers for different types of businesses. I also enjoy taking part in group discussions, having debates and team playing. Having these skills allow myself to feel more comfortable with the course and having higher belief in taking the course.

Taking BTEC Business has helped me feel more comfortable with business and marketing and gives me a further and detailed insight into how the commercial world works. I am currently on target to achieving a distinction in this course. Having worked at a stock room and seeing the development and improvement of my father’s furniture business since a young age has been one of the primary reasons for my enthusiasm for business and marketing. I worked as a customer support employee which allowed me to learn more about customers’ needs and how well a business can keep up customer base interests. Whilst working for my father’s business one of my main responsibilities was to increase the brand awareness through online advertising. This responsibility has increased my knowledge of marketing and has now allowed me to have a strong idea and more awareness of the retail industry. I believe that these jobs have also assisted the increase in my confidence and have improved my personal and interpersonal communication skills.

  In my spare time I play football at my local power league and attend Air Cadets twice every week. As well as maintaining my health and fitness I believe playing sports and attending cadets is important because it teaches how to work and communicate efficiently in a team. I am currently a ‘Corporal’ at Air Cadets which is earned for representing strong leadership skills and having a strong interest at Cadet events which has resulted in me having a bigger role and having more responsibilities to take. I want to pursue higher education as I fully believe that it will provide me with all the experience and knowledge of what I need in order for me to successfully get a job in the marketing industry. I am strongly looking forward to the academic side of university. I’m always looking for new challenges and feel I work more efficiently when given independence.

I’m also anticipating the social viewpoints as I value meeting new individuals and making new friends.


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