Marketing customers and business organizations. Marketers mainly

Marketing is a large area of skill which includes different skills and jobs.

It is usually viewed as the task of advancing, producing and providing goods and services to customers and business organizations. Marketers mainly promote ten different types of products. Information, organizations, goods, events, services, persons, experiences, properties, places and ideas are the types of products typically a marketer could promote.Goods:Most of the countries production and marketing products include physical goods. For example : electronic devices, food produces, cosmetics, etc.

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Every year U.S Companies from different sectors market billions of goods to sell their products,Services:Looking at the advances in economy, proportional growth in activities interests on rendering the services. U.S economy shows a mixture of services to goods ratio of 70:30. Services rendered includes airlines which provide travel facilities and transport of goods, car wash services, spa services, fitness centers etc,. Services also include the professionals working for the company and in the company like financial providers, investors, legal providers, consultants etc.Events:Time based events, like trade-shows, creative performances, Commonwealth games, Olympics, Sport-events etc are also marketed by marketing professionals.

Experiences:By arranging a lot of services and goods, a company can build and market experiences. For example Six Flags provides experiential marketing: Customers visiting Six Flags experience different fun rides, water rides etc. At Hard Rock Café customers experience live concert of a band and also have a joyful meal. Other kinds of customized experiences like spending a week in a camp or climbing experiences, travel also come under the category experiences.Persons:Marketing celebrities is one of the popular business in today’s world. Every high rated film star or sports star has a personal manager and other agents who ties to a public relations agency. For example : Artists, Musicians, Physicians, CEO’s are getting help from celebrity marketing agents.

Few of them like Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Aero smith have done a good job marketing themselves. Tom Peters a management consultant is a master of self branding advised each person to become a brand themselves. In India many film stars such as Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan endorse international brands for millions of dollars. Coming to sports Rahul Dravid, Mahendra Singh Doni, Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar etc are in demand to endorse products.Places:Cities, States and whole nations actively challenge to interest industries, tourists, company headquarters.

Marketing agents who market places include real estate agents, local business associations, commercial banks, economic development specialists etc. To boost the high tech industries and entrepreneurship, states and cities are enticing large scale industries with large infrastructure and tax facilities, quality of life and many other advantages.Properties:Intangible rights of ownership to -real property(real estate) or financial property like stocks and bonds constitute the entity Properties. Properties are sold and bought all the time which requires marketing the properties appropriately. For any kind of property selling or buying a real estate agents work is needed. Companies not only market the goods directly or thru retail outlets but also through internet. With the internet even individuals are able to effectively market goods and services.

Securities are marketed all kinds of investors by banks and investment companies. Organizations:In order to gain a strong, appropriate and distinct likeliness in the target auidence organizations work proactively to attain it. They spend money on corporate identity ads. Marketing is used to boost the brand image of Organizations such as Universities, non profit organizations, museums etc, to attract audience and compete for funds.Information:Information is provided and marketed as a product. The schools and universities provide and distribute the information (product) to students at a price. Example: Journals, magazines, news-papers, books etc, to provide information.

Ideas:Every offering in the market includes a basic idea. To deliver an idea or benefit, products and services are used as a platform. Social marketers are promoting such ideas.Holistic Marketing Concept: Holistic marketing is the current trend in marketing, it is defined as a marketing strategy which thinks about whole business as one entity rather than an entity with various products. It has emerged with the changes in the current environment. According to Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller holistic marketing is defined as ” A holistic marketing concept is based on the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes and activities that recognize the breadth and interdependencies. Holistic marketing recognizes that ‘everything matters’ with marketing and that a broad, integrated perspective is necessary to attain the best solution.” Though a business consists of different departments, all the departments are united to provide a positive business view for the consumers.

This is how Holistic marketing concept works in an organization. For example every organization consists of many departments. In general each organization will have a research and development department, sales department, marketing department, production department, quality control department, accounting department, Human resource department, Financial department etc,. In order to implement holistic marketing concept in an organization each and every department are interdependent on one another for a smooth functioning and development of the brand image.

The research and development department should obtain reviews from the sales and marketing department to improvise the products and make the product likeable by consumer to buy it. For budget allocations accounts department and finance department should be synchronized as each one should have a clear understanding of the profits, expenses and available cash for further investments. Every department have specific requirements such as each department have a different skill set required for the work that needs to be done. So that is where the human resources department comes into picture. Human resource department co-ordinates with all the department to provide the appropriate skill set and all other office requirements. Working in the above patterns an organization can achieve an appropriate product at an appropriate cost and appropriate people for marketing to gain high profits. This is whole reason behind using a holistic marketing approach by the organization to improve the brand image and be successful in the market by attracting the customers.

The key components of holistic marketing are Internal marketing , Relationship marketing, Performance marketing, Integrated marketing. It also includes the Marketing mix 4P, and related to Marketing mix 4C, Marketing mix 4S. Internal marketing- is a marketing strategy where the company’s employees are seen as internal consumers who should be able to understand a company’s aim and vision same as the external consumer’s. Internal marketing aim’s to keep in place all the internal operations of the company to make sure that it is competent enough to provide value to consumer’s.

The more co-ordinated and standardized is the company is , it can be more consistent in giving the experience to the consumer’s. Internal marketing is build on the idea where customers thinking regarding a company is based on the whole experience with the company rather than just with the product alone. When a customer and employee interacts, the overall satisfaction of the customer is affected. Every employee of the company is responsible in creating the customer experience. Hence it is mostly dependent on the employees of the company.


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