Marketing in exercise by the young people.

Marketing can be defined simply as a process of doing market evaluation, selling either goods or services to clients, customers or others who need them. These will also involve doing promotion through such means as advertisement to promote or enhance the amount of goods or services sold.Further,marketing will incorporate various strategies such as sales techniques, business development or even communication. Through marketing a business will be able to build a good customer rapport and in so doing create better value for the clientele and the business itself. On the other hand, marketing assessment is synonymous with marketing analysis. It can therefore be defined as the analysis of a market for a particular product or service. These include the evaluation of the market trends, doing market studies and also evaluating the competition.

As a local community based organization we have concerns that few young people are involving themselves in exercise, a situation which is a cause for worries.In the process, I was tasked with providing a plan on how best the group which involves itself in the welfare of the young people would go about to establish whether there is any truth in such concerns. This paper outlines the plan on how I would recommend for purposes of assessing the situation (Solomon,Stuart and Marshall 2009).

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To establish the truth in the matter involves gathering as much information as basically possible from the community around where the group activities reach. The information gathered will touch on infrastructure such as training facilities like courts. Lack of or even poor infrastructure will lead to few young people involving themselves in exercise since they have no where to train. The data will also touch on man power which is the availability of skilled personnel to train the young people if they decide to go for exercise. The data will also give the demographic details such as age, the geography of the area and also income level. What the data on demography will do is to provide insight as to why the young people are not involved in exercise which is crucial in their development. The age is to be determined so as to establish the specific age of the ones who are not involved or are partially involved in exercises. If determined, the community group will be able to know the best exercises for the different groups of young people.

By and large, through the data collection the community group will be in a position to establish the truth behind the concerns on involvement in exercise by the young people. The climatic conditions of the area might also be a hindrance to exercise. Income level too can turn young people away especially if they are required to part with money for training in the process of doing the exercise (Solomon,Stuart and Marshall 2009). The plan also identifies the problems that are facing the young people in the community. There might be a number of problems facing young people in the target area by the community organization which they also may need to solve. So to establish the truth behind the matter then they need to identify those problems that might not have been known to them before the concerns arose. These problems might be related to the health situation of the young people since some of them may not be in good health to engage in exercises which require body fitness to sustain the pressure of doing it (Solomon,Stuart and Marshall 2009). The existing awareness by the young people that they should involve themselves in exercises ought to be established too.

So it’s crucial to recommend a thorough search on the knowledge they have on the importance of participating in exercise and how they value it in their lifes.These way, the group will be able to know whether the young people angage in exercise. If they have knowledge on how important exercise is, they should be involved in it and if they lack the knowledge then it becomes hard for them to attach any value to doing exercise. Any shortcomings that the young people associate with doing exercise should also be noted.

These can be lack of efficiency in exercise type or even exorbitant prices that the community group charges in offering the services to the young people for doing the exercise using the facilities that they may have. All these will therefore go along way in establishing the truth behind the concerns raised and in so doing the community group will take the appropriate action deemed fit(Solomon,Stuart and Marshall 2009). The importance of assessing and analyzing the focus of the young people cannot be over-emphasised.It is possible to find young people are involving themselves in activities that are not beneficial to them and therefore lacking time to do exercises. If the group finds that the young people are spending most of their time in clubs or in market centers then they will be able to establish the truth. Young people may also be involved in income generating activities to support themselves or support their families thus being unable to involve themselves in exercise. The plan for recommendation stresses on the need to look on the activities the young people are involving themselves in and therefore the group will be able to know the truth behind the raised concerns (Solomon,Stuart and Marshall 2009).

It’s also important to establish the expectations of the young people in the exercises and be in a position to know whether they involve themselves or not. Conduct a market search and also research for reviews on what could probably be their ultimate goal if they angage themselves in such activities. The methods that have been used before to encourage the young people to get into exercise are also to be noted. Methodology is very important in any activity and if the one used before had shortcomings then the possibility of it not having worked is high and so is the failure by young people participation in exercise. The strategies currently being used to compel the young people into exercise is also very instrumental and is good that it be noted in looking to the truth behind the concerns. Identification of the unique proposition of the group is fundamental so as to discover whether that specific goal of ensuring that young people participate in exercise has been implemented. An answer affirming that it has been undertaken or not will also establish whether its true few young people are participating in exercise (Solomon,Stuart and Marshall 2009).


Solomon, M, Stuart, E and Marshall,G,. 2009. Marketing:Real choices,Real people. 6th Edition. Monmouth Junction, MJ: Prentice hall.


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