Marketing especially in colleges and universities area.

MarketingStrategySimply Clean, located inToronto and York Region, offers residential home cleaning services.

We willoffer a wide range general cleaning services to residential clients. SimplyClean will focus on interior cleaning services such as waste disposal, dusting,washroom sanitation, window cleaning, etc. To provide more convenience to ourclients, these services will be available throughout the day for the whole weekand will be determined according to the client needs. Simply Clean will also offeradditional services if necessary to guarantee clients’ homes are presentableduring busier periods. Customers can be secured that the owner and otheremployees will provide the utmost care to all properties.

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The market includesresidential homes, with increasing demand during holidays. There is asignificant real estate market in the Toronto area, in addition, apartmentcommunities and dormitories are increasing especially in colleges anduniversities area. Socializationwill be the main point of our marketing strategy.

We believe that in order forour cleaning business to succeed, we must reach out to people and provide themwith valid reasons to subscribe to our services. Our marketing brand will be a determinedone, where we will strive to convert every potential prospect into a clientwithin a certain period.We will be channelling our marketingstrategy towards inbound marketing as it will allow us to connect withpotential clients and deal with them at all times.

Aside from having our ownwebsite, blog and newsletter programs, we will also be engaging our business todifferent social media platforms, where the goal would be to change people’sgeneral view towards cleaning service businesses and keep them informed about theadvantages and benefits they could get with hiring a cleaning service company.SalesTacticsOur team will be implementing anumber of different tactics once a customer shows a great interest to ourservice and retain their interests and make sure that a contractual agreementis reached. In order to do this, we will be offering our first time customerswith various complimentary services and discounts that will strengthen theirdesire to contractually obligate us to clean their homes.

The idea is to makeour clients feel that they are getting more than what they are paying for.We are quite aware that theinternet is presently the biggest platform when it comes to promoting anybusiness this is why we will ensure that we explore all available options onthe internet to advertise our cleaning services.Theinternet is presently the major platform when it comes to promoting anybusiness, this is why we will ensure that we explore all available options toadvertise our cleaning services.Here are they ways we intend to influence on theinternet: Create an Official Website for Simply Clean Company and use this platform to promote our cleaning services business Be active on social media platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, etc Engage in blogging and make use of the platform to promote our cleaning services and also share its benefits Engage on e-mail marketingBoosting our brand awareness will also go a long way to establish ourcompany to the available market. Here are the ways we intend to build brandidentity: Design a unique corporate logo Enlist advertisements on both print and electronic media platforms Employees will be wearing our branded shirts during working hours and also brand our service vehicle Distribute our fliers and coupons in prospect areas from time to time  OperationalPlanA.   StandardOperating Procedures:Our company will have written guidelinesthat will define the general standard operating procedures. These guidelineswill be made available to all cleaning personnel and clients upon request andshall include the following elements:·        Environmentally cleaning tools (e.

g.,cloths, mops heads and other equipment) ·        Inspection and maintenance program of allcleaning tools, supplies and equipment·        Environmentally cleaning products ·        Cleaning procedures ·        Identification and cleaning procedures forareas that require disinfection or sanitizing and require special cleaning·        Chemical storage, handling, use anddisposal·        Waste reduction, handling and disposal ·        Water conservation and use policy·        Service quality standards and qualitycontrol·        Training requirements of staff ·        Communication polices for staff andclients ·        Professionalism and code of conduct ofstaff·        Cleaning Tools. ·        Cleaning materials and related tools thatcontact restroom and kitchen surfaces shall not be used to clean any otherareas·        Clean and sanitize cleaning cloths, mop heads,vacuum floor attachments and related tools that had contact with washroom,kitchen and high touch contact (including, but not limited to, doorknobs, lightswitch plates, telephone handsets) surfaces prior to use in another residence.B.    QualityControl RequirementsAll services will be conducted withquality control assessments at least quarterly to evaluate the effectiveness ofthe cleaning service, which includes feedback and continuous improvement ofstandard operating procedures. The assessments will be conducted at a frequencyand method appropriate for the type of cleaning conducted. The staff willprovide appropriate documentation on assessments of cleaning efficacy.C.

   TrainingRequirementsUpon hiring, all cleaning staffs arerequired to undergo initial training before personnel is assigned to cleanindependently.All owners, managers, and staff shall havea continuing training and education on an annual basis to maintain knowledge ofthe standard operating procedures, such as the correct procedures for safety,tools, techniques, and procedures.D.   CommunicationRequirementsSimply Clean Company will formally adopt awritten commitment to the environmental and social responsible practices thatincludes goals and an action plan related to the criteria of this standard,with continual improvement, that is updated annually. This plan shall beavailable to all employees.We will also ensure that a system is inplace for cleaning service employees to provide comments and suggestions aboutworkplace issues and suggestions for improvements in the provision of services.E.

    ManagementInformation SystemsIn the performance of management tasks, wewill rely on professionals to support the delivery of superior services to themarketplace.  Included among them are anaccountant to manage payroll, bookkeeping, taxes and reporting; as well as thesmall business consultant for technical assistance in evaluating and making keymanagement decisions.Daily activities are managed by theaccountant using financial performance reports are routinely provided to us bythe accountant for review in support of management decisions.

Our goal is to be highly motivated andknowledgeable in the cleaning industry and strive for the potential success inthis business.  Additionally, we will beattending classes and seminars to remain ‘on top’ of changes within thecleaning industry, routinely reviewing videos and reading materials to improveour service skills, abilities and work ethic.F.    LegalThe physical business location of SimplyClean Company in Toronto will be zoned in a commercial business. Our companywill strive to consistently meet all environmental rules and regulations setforth by the government. We will also purchase an insurance package that willinclude fire, liability, automobile, and workers’ compensation coverage. As thefirm becomes profitable, the options of business interruption, key maninsurance, and employee benefit coverages will be researched.



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