Market saves. · Age: 16 to 40 ·

Market segment: Nice and easy This market segment view getting a takeaway as easier thancooking a meal. This isn’t because they are lazy, these consumers are just notalways in the mood to cook or go shopping. They usually won’t plan their mealsahead of time so getting takeaway is appealing to these consumers.  This group of consumers are all about convenience.Therefore, they will tend to order from local outlets such as a local Chineseor chains with lots of outlets like Dominos.

These consumers tend not to caretoo much about prices because they see value in the convenience and how muchtime it saves.  ·     Age: 16 to 40 ·     Male and female ·     Single/Family·     Low to medium income ·     Living in towns and cities, not rural·     Enjoys food but not cooking ·     Usually loyal to a brand·     Responsive to promotions/advertising   Market segment: Pressedfor time  This market segment are light users of fast food. Theseconsumers are people who have limited time and they actually prefer not to geta takeaway but it becomes a necessity at times for them. They may have beenworking late or just simply too busy to have time to cook, they like the “fast”part of fast food.  These consumers will purchase the quickest and easiestoption and won’t to spend too much on fast food. The large fast food chainswith lots of outlets will attract the biggest share of this market.

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 ·     Age: 25 to 55·     Male and female·     Medium to high income ·     Living in towns and cities, not rural ·     Busy, focus is on career/family ·     Limited brand loyalty ·     Unresponsive to promotions/advertising   


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