Marijuana, use of marijuana was about five

Marijuana, also known as cannabis is a plant used in medical or recreational purposes. The cannabis plant is counted as a psychoactive drug. Couse of that is the content of tetrahydrocannabinol, what is a chemical compound that makes the user feel stoned. The first ever recorded use of marijuana was about five thousand years ago in Japan, as a form of medication.

The plant has originated from central and south Asia. The plant had always a medical background, but it never was a popular medication till the ancient Chinese begin to use it within their culture. Of course, the popularity of the plant never was as big as it is now.

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The rise began in the last century with the hippie movements. Today many countries have legalized the drug in a medical or recreational propose. But, there are still a majority of countries that are against the legalization of it. In those countries, the owning of cannabis is punished by prison or even death.The legalization of Marijuana was always a controversial topic. It is a drug! It has a psychological effect.

When a foreign to the person topic is being asked of what they think of legalization of the marijuana, they often say it’s a drug, and drugs are dangerous! But what they do not know is that they are using far more dangerous ingredients on an everyday basis bought from the local shop. For example, sugar. Sugar is also a kind of drug. It is the most addictive ingredient on the planet. From the statistics of people dying every year, caused by sugar is incredibly huge. That shows us how dangerous it is. And people like me and you consume it every day.

Without noticing or caring about it. That is why I do not understand why people say it is too dangerous. Because most of the known dangerous drugs are known for killing, after an overdose. What is practically not possible with marijuana.

The only theoretical way is if you have smoked fifteen pots at once, what is practically not possible. That is why there are still in human history not been recorded once a death by cannabis overdose. Of course, marijuana has also the kind of a bad side. The effect after inhaled, smoked or eaten cannabis is the stoned feeling, that can lead to many different dangerous situations. But again, there are other substances that are legal but have the same effect on people. An example is alcohol. Again, a far more dangerous substance capable of destroying human body parts.

Alcohol was always a way more popular drug than the marijuana is. And some countries have tried to prohibitive the alcohol. The prohibition of alcohol in almost every nation that tried that turned to be a big failure and not as good idea. Couse of that was the financial status. Because instead of a tax source, the alcohol went to the underground.

So, people that wanted to buy, could still do that but did not need to pay any taxes at all. And that is what is happening in countries like Norway where the cannabis is prohibited. The portion of underground dealers is large. Instead of that, the government could make millions if not billions of Norwegian kroner each year. That money could only be used for good of the society. And people that want to buy it, could still buy it.

And people that are against do not have to.


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