Marijuana, , nausea and the severe weight

Marijuana, mixture of leaves , stems, and buds of the indian hemp plant Cannabis sativa, Smoked or eatin for its hallucinagenic and pleaure giving effects.

The main ingrediant of marijuana is THC is concentrated in the flowwering tops of the plant, Hasish a drug prepared from the plant resin, has about eight times more THC than marijuana. Marijuana grows throughout temperate regions with the most potent varieties produced in dry hot upland climates.Except for limited medical purposes, cultivatting marijuana is illegal in all but a few countries . In the U.S.

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, possesion and use of Marijuana was legal only in the state of Alaska from 1975 to 1990 when voters approved a ballot measure that again made it illegalKnown is central Asia and China as early as 3000 BC Marijuana was used as a medicine. From about 1900 it was used for its pleasure inducing effects and by the 1960’s and 70’s its use became widespread. It became, after alcohol, the second most popular drug. Although marijuana was not proven addicted and no physical withdrawl symptoms occur when its discontinued psychologicol dependance can develop with consistant long term use.Many useser describe two phases of marijuana high: first is initial stimulation which incldes giddiness and euphoria, followed by sedation and pleasant tranquility, mood changes are often accompanied by altred perceptions of time and space and ones bodily dimensions. Thinking proceses become disrupted by fragmentary ideas and memories.

Many users report increased appetite hightend sensory awareness and feelings of pleaure.Medical research has indictaed that marijuana has potential medicinal value. In the most recent report,a controversial 1999 study by the federal Government found that marijuana is effective in relieving pain , nausea and the severe weight loss assciated with the aqucired AIDS virus. moreover this study confirmed that marijuana is not phisically addictive, nor does it naturally lead to the use of other illegal dangerous drugs. Other studies have found that marijuana lessons some symptoms of glacoma and discomfort due to cancer, particularly chemothrapy and radiation treatments. Many people who suffer from these and other chronic diseases report that marijuana provides symptom relief when all else fails.Such findigs have provoked a natinal debate regarding the legislation of marijuana for medicinal use in 1996 voters in both states california and arizona approved ballot measures exempting doctors and patients from criminmal proscecution when its perscribed for medicinal purposes in the relief of pain or other symptoms caused by cancer, AIDS , Glacoma, artritis and other illneses and chronic conditions.

The Arizona legislature subsequntely overtruned a ballot initiative , a legilative propsal placed on the ballot by means of public pettition . Four other states have passed bills in support of medicinal marijuana those states were washngton oregon alaska and nevada. And legislature in 37 states have passed bills in support of medical marijuana however U.S supreme court still declares it illegal Words/ Pages : 486 / 24

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