Marcus make a fashion statement, it’s well reflective

                                   Marcus M.Garvey           Theiconic Marcus Garvey, was a Black Nationalist controversial figure.

Today, allaround the world he is loved and celebrated as Che Guervara. His image is wornsimilar to a badge of honor by the young that are cognizant. Mr. Garvey makes acultural statement on hoodies, jackets and t-shirt apparel. Not only does itmake a fashion statement, it’s well reflective of his indoctrination, of strengthand Pan Africanism.

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“One God” “One Aim” “One Destiny”.Just as it is bold of an awakening statement, many can attest to this. The onlyway to gain financial freedom is to adjust yourself for economic positioning.

As a result, of Garvey’s rise to prominence we see his influences happening insports, entertainment, fashion and culture. From Michael Jordan,Damon John, Berry Gordy, Oprah Winfrey and Diddy. Were all impacted by hispride and courage knowing that one day they too would have a way to improvetheir life. Needless to say, they were able to overcome any unforeseenbacklash. Of them opening their own businesses. Ultimately, they stood proudand unmoved, knowing that the business of being lucratively successful, in Americais allegedly dictated by white supremacist.

Therefore, they decided to alignthemselves with the teachings of Pan Africanism. In whom they believed in and wereall very successful in their individual careers.                       Born in a small town in St Ann’s Jamaica with afamily of eleven.

Marcus Sr. was a mason and mother Sarah Jane Richards was adomestic worker. Garvey comes from humble beginnings. At a young age Garvey hada fascination with reading books from his father’s library. So at the age offourteen years old, Garvey received an apprentice position at a printing store.By virtue, would be the right fit to offset all his dreams and aspirations.Such as  “Universal Negro ImprovementAssociation and African Communities League”.

The Black Star Line and TheNegro World were his two pride possessions that proved to the people that heknew exactly what he wanted to do. There were no signs of reluctance, everyoneknew he was a great leader and organizer where he was efficient where he wouldorganize meetings in the basement of the church.. The church symbolizes a placeof unity for most, he mobilized and rallied parishioners on advocating race,pride, self-reliance, and economic independence. (Rashidi. A) “His Motto, Up!You mighty race. You can accomplish what you will.”(Rashidi.

A) MarcusGarvey had a way with words. He spoke bold and proud and dedicated his entirelife for black liberation. His Father was discerning and unafraid of theconsequences. He knew that African American slaves had to make sacrifices, inorder to break down the social economical barriers, to move the culture forward.Garvey was solid, just, and aware of African history. Garvey Sr. was a man thatwas well off which lived in a diverse neighborhood that would expose youngGarvey to a mix melting pot. Together communicating with children in themulticultural neighborhood.

Unexplainably, Garvey Sr. made a fortune and died poor. That’swhere Marcus Garvey gets his inspiration and drive for business.                                                    Oneof Marcus Garvey’s influences is the Rastafarian faith. Rastafarian’s embracedthe concept of wholeness in everything being, from it’s origin.

Planet based food,history, and spirituality. Garvey laid the ground work for the growth inRastafarians. This was the first time people watched an African build anallegiance of hundreds and thousands of proud African Americans. It was saidthat Garvey was not coerced into the thinking. He had intuition and the blackman’s heart in every move he made. Therefore, the notion that he spoke was”Look for Africa where a king shall be crowned” In him shall be yourredemption” They heard it prophetic in which whom that person was calledto be “Tafari Makonnen” crowned as Haile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia and chairperson of the organization of African Unity. Garvey’s sole mission was tochange and redefine how people think about Africa. Setting a different toneother then the negative stereo types Africans are labeled as.

I.e. “Africanbootee scratcher” , “primitive cave man like”, which dates backfrom the early civilization of Chaka Zulu during combat. Most African Americanslack of knowledge of heritage/history are not comfortable with Garvey’sphilosophy’s. The cloudiness and internalization’s of those images we’ve seencenturies ago still exist in our minds and hearts, which gives most of us ashameful feeling that many can’t seem to escape.

Therefore, what we do isdisconnect ourselves from it all. Having the lack of education kills thesustainability and development of our people. Hence, aids in the brainwashingof African Americans feeling inferior about themselves.Anotherexample of Marcus Garvey’s influences was the Nation of Islam. Malcom X”said it was Marcus Garvey philosophy of Pan Africanism that initiated theentire freedom movement”. The theory of the Nation of Islam bought theirpractices and levels of discipline in African American community.        Marcus Garvey was one the first to usewhat he learned from his travels; Most of his life, he fought to solve the blackman troubles by speaking on the root of the problem, which is economicindependence.

African American people do not own anything, we rely on ourleadership for a weekly pay to keep us in check. Although there’s nothing wrongwith working and making an honest living, entrepreneurship is one of theteachings of Marcus Garvey where he believes that entrepreneurship is thefoundation of a stabilizing force in a community. Unfortunately,Marcus Garveys ideology was not well received by the governement and even someof the leadership in the African American community. They believe that hisideas were extreme and he would be considered a high risk for society. Forexample, During the J Edgar Hoover’s cointelpro project many community leaders,including Marcus were targeted to be infiltrated and jailed. WEB Dubois spokepoorly and criticized Garvey and supplied the governemnt with coltenpro aboutthe ideas of the UNIA.

and what plans he had to completely the minds of thepeople.  But it’s what you do with thatpay check and how you reinvent it into a small business or putting it back intocommunity . Living in the carribean neighborhoods what we see it Jewish, Asian,and Arabic people whom enslaves us at one time . Moving into our neighborhoodsand establishing business to take back home.

While we the African  Americans go out to work hard , labor andgive this money to the Asian, Jewish and Arabic people and help them buildthere communities and pay the way for there kids to get a great educationwhilewe sit in our _______ that pay to keep us in check soundes like a modernslavery. In conclusion we have to become more awake and conscious to what isgoing on not only in our communities but to one another and making sure that welove and have compassionate for one another. It is said that it takes a villageto raise a child . So when are reminded of Marcus Garvey s teachings we donotstand around our children are in trouble and film and post video while someoneis phisically getting named. And stand there and watch young people disrespectone of our elders hurt our elders , cuss at our elders.

African  Americans need to be reminded the reason whythey are able to go to school and walk down the same block, use the samebathrooms eat the same restaurants i9s because ofthe activism of Marcus garveyand pan Africanism. White people are taking advantage of black people today.Because black people are all disunited.

Where can they be a nation when there isno trust amonst all. It’s sickening to see this behavior happening in allindustries all over the world. It almost feels like the only time we may hyavehad compassion for one another is when we were bolted down in shackles ankle toankle brace to brace on the slave ships.    


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