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erruling powers do not take a stand to how they feel and they cower down. In the cases where people due fight back for their cause good things will prosper from it. Even if you do not want to be taking part in war or any other activity that does not please you, sometimes people have to go against themselves for something they know is right. In the play A Man for All Seasons by Roger Bolt and the book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque Thomas More will not abide by the kings rules, and keeps his own beliefs despite the pressure being put on him, and Paul Baummer hates every minute of war, but he knows he is serving the right purpose and continues to battle.

When you that the person ruling over you is wrong and you stand up for what is right in your heart, you will face severe punishments but will have portrayed your point with power.Thomas More had an incredible amount of will power to stay strong and not give in to beliefs he did not believe in. As bad as it would get to seem from his perspective, More would not give up his morals, and he would rather be killed than be forced to believe in something he does not feel is right in his heart. ” I am faint when I think of the worst that they may do to me. But worse then that would be to go with you not understanding why I go” (144) After all the threats had been made to More about the death penalty it would bring his spirits down and make him sad. As sad as it made him he would not give in. On the other side we had Paul who faced a similar situation. The more he got in to the war the sadder is made him.

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He had to keep shoving on and keep working though. At times he did not want to do anything but he forced himself to stay confident as hard as it was. ” I am young, I am twenty years old; yet I now nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow.”(263) Paul has no end to his sorrow he it is this sad. His feelings of emptiness run on forever and he has no warmth or good feelings inside him. Yet he somehow finds a way to battle and keep fighting because he knows that is right. More and Paul both had a situation where they did not want to do what they did, but they knew in the bottom of there hear it was right.

During the times of battle Paul was very courageous and brave. Sometimes his heart and his mind would not be one hundred percent confident but he was out there battling and fighting with all he had. During one specific battle he was being attacked and bombed in a cemetery and one of his fellow soldiers was hurt and needed assistance.

Paul didn’t hesitate to throw him over his shoulder and find the nearest place to lie down and escape from the outside danger. This was ironic because hiding in a cemetery saved his life, which is where they have all people, which have passed away. Thomas More has the same kind of bravery and boldness, it was showed in a different way though. When More suspected things were going bad and he didn’t want to be involved in it he immediately resigned as Lord Chancellor. This showed how brave he was to step down from his position even though he knew that it was going to bring his living style down and affect his life in a major way. More and Paul did not encounter the same problem but they both showed great courage and true colors by taking a chance which they did not know the result of.

Thomas More was a man of class and dignity and he did not fold to the pressure he was under. As much as the king wanted Thomas to side with him it


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