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Many people have thought the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Many conclude that it was a conspiracy theory devised to bring to the forefront the issue of people having accessibility to guns and the violence that happens because citizens have easy access to guns. However, on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, a young man named Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary. He gained access to the school by shooting his was through the front doors. He proceeded into a hallway with a loaded rifle and made his way to classrooms where he shot and killed 26 innocent human beings. As first responders arrived at the scene, panic as well as shock rang through the small tight knit community. Parents were waiting with baited breath to see that their children were safe. As families were reunited hours after the shootings, some parents had tears of joy to see that their own children were safe, while others were learning that their children didn’t make it. The entire community was in shock and disbelief as the names of the victims were slowly released. This tragedy not only affected the citizens of Newtown but also pulled at the heartstrings across our nation. No one in the school actually thought that anyone was going to be hurt. One of the Sandy Hook’s librarian, Mary Anne Jacobs said,”Even though I heard the gunshots, it never translated into many, many people are going to die — because you’re in Sandy Hook Elementary School and library class has just begun,” (Altimari 1). It was a shock to the whole school when the shooting began, the likelihood of a school being shot up by a gunman is very slim. However, sadly on December 14th, the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s odds were not in their favor. Society should believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was real because there were numerous dead bodies, there were survivors, and the shooting was a too complicated to be fake.There were many dead bodies that resulted from the shooting, in fact, twenty-six people were found dead in the school. Of the twenty-six, twenty were children whom were six and seven years old died. There were also six adults who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. Not only was there proof of the twenty-six victims of Newtown shot dead at the school, the children and adults had obituaries. The families of the fatalities would not have written obituaries nor paid for graves for the children and adults killed in the shooting, if the shooting was a sham. Inserr, who is a member of the Newtown community said, “It is always hard to bury a child.”(Klepper 1).People who visit Newtown, go and see the defenseless children whose graves and many read the childrens’ obituaries. No family member nor friend should have to bury a young child, a child who will never live the rest of their long life. One victim from the shooting’s name was Caroline Previdi, she was six years old. At Caroline’s funeral, the family had the mourners wear pink ties as well as scarves, her favorite color was pink. (Klepper 1). The story of the pink ties and scarves really makes the shooting have different meaning. One of the dead student’s parent wrote, I drove Noah as well as his sister to school, Noah was wearing his favorite shirt, a few hours later he was dead and shot in the face. His sister was in the classroom next to him and lived. I drove Noah and his twin sister to school. (Demick 1). These stories as well as quotes from the innocent family members are horrific. If the shooting was fake, parents could not just make up things about their children dying. Not only would it damage their sanity, but the family members and friends of the victims would constantly have to lie. Yet another reason why the shooting could not be fake. Another problem in the government’s plans, if the shooting was fake, the children as well as adults could not just sit in hiding for the rest of their lives. The government would have needed to hire “actors” if the children were not actually dead. Newtown, Connecticut, is a small town of 28,000 people. The community of Newtown, Connecticut would have recognised the fake children and staff of the school were not residents of Newtown. Not only would they be in hiding for the rest of their lives, but it would put the town through a lot of stress as well as pain to put on such a facade for so long. With this being said, the shooting must be real and not hoax. Another reason the Sandy Hook Massacre was genuine and proves it did happen was that the survivors from the shooting tell their stories and experiences about what happened. A teacher from Sandy Hook Elementary stated, ¨We tried to make it a game and they asked do we get a prize? Yes, lots of candy, but you have to be quiet,”(Altimari). dditionally, as television interviews took place and parents shared personal things about their dead children, the nation empathized with these families and an outpouring of support came from all over the United States. The nation as a whole was pulled at its heartstrings and the cards, letters, videos sent to the victims families were publicized all over the news stations.


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