KKKx greatly. This group of poeple have very

KKKx Klan (which can be abbrievated to the KKK) affects their present day life greatly. This group of poeple have very perverse beliefs and have performed many tainted illegal acts in the past. These people follow the idea that anyone of no Aryan race is not acceptable. These poeple have gone as far as killing people or small acts such as creating obstacles that are very hard to get around for the people they dislike. Who’s to say these people have stopped? RAcists acts still take place today however the media doesn’t find these acts as important as other headlinging stories. Racism is not just an issue that should be pushed asdide as an article of inconsequentiality. These people are not only crude and hateful but they try to make themselves look as if they don;t do anything wrong.

Through the eyes of theswe white people these haneous acts are perfectly normal. These people are breeding a generation of hatful people. In 1920 this group of people expanded to more than two million members.

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All causing havoc at this time because of the big segration issues that were occuring. They often resovled to violence burning crosses, torturing and mudereing those who they opposed. By 1944 however the mass population had decease but not for too long. 1946, the Klan has risen up again.

This time they were trying to fight against the people who were pro-civil rights movements.

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