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         Many researchers have demonstrated that overuse of sugary drinks is unhealthy for all age groups especially to children. It includes soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, fruit drinks and cordials. However, sweetened beverages consumers tend to have an overall lower daily dietary quality. Therefore, they do not feel full as if they had eaten the same calories from other solid food.

Many people think that selling sugary drinks should not be restricted to a specific age group while others do not. Sugary drinks should not be sold to children because it causes dental problems and risky diseases.         Sugar-sweetened beverages should be banned to children because they are a disaster for dental health. They contain a high level of sugars and acids that significantly damage the teeth and cause tooth erosion. In fact, the sugar feeds the harmful bacteria that reside there while the acid buildups a plaque on the teeth.

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Therefore, it dissolves the outer surface of tooth enamel. For this reason, consumers are more likely to have severe adverse effects on dental health, and it may lead to sensitivity and pain in the exposed tooth. Thus, children should prohibit drinking a lot of sugary beverages in order to sustain long-term healthy teeth.         Sugary drinks should be prevented for children because it causes risky diseases. It leads to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases due to the large amount of sugar it contains without any essential nutrients. For instance, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibers are must needed for human bodies, but it is certainly not found in sugar sweetened beverages.

Furthermore, drinking sugary beverages may reduce many of organs’ functions such as kidneys and livers and lead to damage. Hence, the kidneys start to balance the sugar level by eliminating the excessive amount due to high sugar intake. After that, the sugar either expelled outside the body through urine or turned it into fat to be stored in the liver. However, repeating this process in a long term may lead to destroy the kidney’s function.

            Opponents of this idea claim that sugary drinks should be sold to children because it is delicious, and it encourages children to be much more active. However, this kind of people probably do not know the harm of drinking theses beverages on children. Therefore, researchers have proven that two out of three adults and one out of three children in the United States are overweight due to consuming sugar-sweetened drinks. However, most people do not recognize that a 20-ounce bottle contains approximately 16 teaspoons of sugar while the acceptable daily amount is 5 to 9 teaspoons only. Therefore, 


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