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Many developing countries such as India, lack stringent regulations controlling the prescription and dispensation of antibiotic medications, as a result, these drugs are frequently being used. Despite the correlation between increased antibiotics and increased resistance of bacteria, antibiotic misuse is on the rise. “The CDC estimates approximately 100 million courses of antibiotics are prescribed by office-based physicians each year, and approximately half of those are unnecessary” (1).

“Studies show that nearly 50% of appointments made by patients for colds and URI and 80% of acute bronchitis visits are treated with antibiotics; however, multiple studies show that antibiotics do not significantly shorten the duration of illness in acute bronchitis” (2). “It is the uncertainty in the diagnosis of fevers, particularly the inability to distinguish a harmless viral fever from a debilitating salmonella, that compels many physicians in the developing world to blindly start antibiotics” (3). Reasons  found for the continued prescribing of antibiotics is simply that patients want antibiotics and are used to receiving prescriptions as a sort of receipt. “Physicians tend to have a decreased amount of time to spend with patients, which also means a decreased amount of time to educate patients. The study concluded that prescribers need to work toward increased time to diagnose patients, educate patients, and evaluate the risk/benefit ratio of prescribing an antibiotic” (4).

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In this present study, we will use Temperature Charting and a Checklist in poorly localizable fevers to decrease antibiotic misuse and increase the patient’s prognosis and compliance to treatment with and without antibiotics.A Fever Chart is a traditional, but inexpensive tool which is useful in analysing the different patterns of fever (Continuous fever, Remittent fever, etc.) thus distinguishing a harmless Viral fever from a potentially fatal Bacterial one. Our purpose is to make a Checklist which is simple and more familiar, which can be used by most of the Primary health care providers. Patients will be studied in two groups based on their encounters with physicians or investigators who are, and are not, blinded by patient’s inclusion status in the study.


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