Man’s a strong increase in traffic levels

Man’s strive for increased comfort and financial independence, thedensification of congested urban areas, a strong increase in traffic levels andthe growing electric smog problem due to new communication technologies allcause ever rising stress levels in the immediate vicinity of the individual.Quality of life is being hampered and there are negative health effects.

Allthis, coupled with frequent news about the global climate change, graduallyleads to a change of thought throughout society.In the end, it is society that must bear theeffects of economic damage caused by climatic change. Industrialization hasbeen coupled with increasing harmful effects to the environment in the past.Call for changes were extended, beginning from set-up protests up toconstitutional enactments. Several bodies agree to it, and one of them was theconstruction industry where practices have shifted to come up with green buildings.Green Buildings which meet all the three basic requirements or has the basicbenefits like efficiency, health and durability. This innovation is definedas the adaptation of a certain building or structure to a resource-efficientand responsible environment scheme.

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To further comprehend what does greenbuilding mean, the understanding of what materials generate higher energyloss are considered in this study. This is also the same reason why it isalternatively called sustainable buildings.Green buildings follow the principle of optimum usage of water, energyand non-renewable natural resources; generate less waste and provide healthierspaces for residents.

The fundamental point of this study is green design as afundamental revolution of contemporary architecture. It aims to look at someenvironmental and physical design approaches for green buildings. Thereby, thepaper presents an analysis of ideology of green architecture, theories andviewpoints outlined in the field and also the analysis of successful cases ofenvironment friendly buildings throughout the world. 


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