The ability to manage time

The ability to manage time may be the most valuable asset students can have. Without it, one can get so bogged down with sports, homework, and life that one accomplishes little. As a freshman one needs to get involved in the school and community through sports, clubs and volunteer work. This will make a well- rounded individual not only in high school or college, but also in life.

Allocate time for sports, homework, friends, and community service carefully. It is important to realize that many things have to be accomplished simultaneously to make a person stand out. Here are some things that I have found to help me: Setting Objectives Setting Priorities Stretching your time and using it effectively Setting alarm a couple of minutes ahead Plan the night before Know what your going to do the next day and execute objectives  Write things down on notepad  Keep one’s standards high;#61656; Establish deadlinesI use these skills everyday and I feel that I am a well-rounded student. I am actively involved in sports. I play football in the winter, wrestling in the fall, and baseball in the spring.

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Also, I am enrolled in many AP classes that are ambiguous and have countless hours of homework and require TIME! Furthermore, I’m involved in my community from working at bible schools to doing cancer runs. Not to mention the time I have to put in with family and friends. Motivation is an important aspect of time management. If one doesn’t truly want to use their time better, one will find he/she trapped forever in old nonproductive patterns.

Each individual must decide what personal payoffs he or she can expect to receive from school to achieve a higher education.

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