Manager which requires a high price. GUESS offers

Manager Bio Miriam Colon is the current operations manager for GUESS at Jersey Gardens Mallin Elizabeth, NJ. Miriam has been working at GUESS for 4 years since beginningin 2014. Before GUESS, Miriam was the operations manager for H&M for 3years from 2011 to 2013.

 HistoryGUESS was well-established in 1981 by the Marciano brotherswith Georges, Maurice, Armand and Paul. Georges designed the clothes, creatingGUESS’s signature style: the stonewashed denim, lighter in color, softer, andmore fitting than competitors. Maurice handles the product development, Armandran distribution, and Paul created the advertising. A Stonewashed,slim-fitting jean, and the 3-zip Marilyn was one of Guess’s initial designs.This specific design sold out within hours at the first department store towelcome the brand, Bloomingdale, by ordering two dozen jeans.GUESS became known as a symbol of a “young, sexy, andadventurous lifestyle”.

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 In 2004, the companyexpanded with a new concept for its contemporary collection called Marciano.This brand offers fashion for trend-setting women and men. In 2007, theinfamous G by Guess concept was created, reflecting the Marciano brothers’passion for the Californian lifestyle. Currently in GUESS, thereare about 1,680 global stores, 547 in the Americas, 629 in Europe and MiddleEast, and 504 in Asia with about 14,300 associates. 7 Million pairs of jeanswere made in the year of 2017 alone.The CompetitivePrioritiesThereare 4 Competitive Capabilities that an operations manager must meet.

These 4capabilities are Cost, Quality, Time, and Flexibility. When it comes tocompanies, each of these capabilities are incorporated somehow however; thereis always a capability that is used more than others which is calledCompetitive Priorities. Inour company GUESS, the order of these priorities from the first being the mostimportant and the last being the least important goes like the following;Quality, Flexibility, Time, and Cost.  Quality- Quality is how well each product or service is beingproduced. Quality is the number onepriority in GUESS because the company is focused on creating the best brand ofclothing which requires a high price.

GUESS offers consistent quality, on eachof their products and services.Flexibility- GUESS offers variety flexibility. Flexibility is handlinga wide assortment of products or services within the company.Cost-Guess pride itself in giving affordable cost to itscustomer for high quality product or services. Since GUESS offers a variety ofapparel, shoes, etc. with good material that lasts, they are not focusing onprice which makes the company focus more on quality.  Time- The time that they take to make their product availableto their customer is very efficient especially when they are responding totheir e commerce customers.ProcessStrategy Process Structure-  Guessis front of the office because there is high interaction with customers at thefront of the store, the back of the store tends to be more for inventory andonly employees are allowed.

Customer Involvement-Guess is low on customer involvement ,because customers are less involved in the process of the store, managementtakes over more of the back of the office part because it would be chaotic tohave people involved in the inventory process. Resource Flexibility-  Guessis high resource flexibility, employees are trained to have different set ofskills in the store to take care of customer needs and store needs as well.Employees are trained to handle cash registers, sales, opening shipment,keeping track of inventory in the back and in front of the store. Employeeshave multiple skills to provide better quality to make Guess a profitablecompany. Capital Intensity-  Guess is high automation, thecompany automated systems are in store computers, online web, and Guess app.

It’s crucial for the company to use all three for sales, customer interaction,and inventory.        Total Quality Management Customer Satisfaction Conformance to specifications- Guess brand represents popular, quality clothing at an affordable price. The clothes are durable, fit the latest trends, and are offered at average prices relative to competitors. Fitness for use- Clothing is offered in different sizes so that customers are comfortable while being stylish and get the best experience from their clothes. Value- Guess offers quality clothing at a good price. Customers can expect to not spend a fortune for good clothes. Support- Customers are immediately helped when visiting the store. Customer Services Reps can aid a customer with any issue regarding their purchase; refund, exchange.

There’s also a website and a complaint line. Psychological impressions- Stores are flashy, and trendy to exude quality and popularity so customers feel like superstars buying clothes.Employee Involvement Organizational Culture & Teamwork- Employees are trained to provide excellent customer service. Employees are given individual roles (cashier, stock, sales) but work together to help customers and meet sales goals.

Continuous ImprovementKaizen- With informationsystem such as POS systems, Market research, and customer feedback, Guessstrives to continuously improve its practices to provide the best experience tocustomers. Lean SystemA LeanSystem is an operations system to maximizevalue in reducing waste. Guess clothing company hadto adopt a lean system layout because they were having problems with not havinga integrated systems that brought up chaos for European and American designers.The company decided to actand adopt a new system that integrated to help reduce risk and defects fromcoming up with a product line so Guess would have the correct product linemanufacture for both Europe and the United States.RecommendationsBased on Customer Reviews from GUESS: · Bad Customer Service· Poor onlineexperience for customers· Over chargecustomers· Quality hasdropped in the upcoming years              Our recommendations forGuess Clothing Company, is how to improve their customer service. The companyshould invest money into getting better training for their customerrepresentatives, to learn different ways to help the interaction between thecustomerrepresentative and a Guess customer.

The company should monitor calls to get abetterunderstanding in what the representatives are failing in customer satisfaction.Also Guess canask their customers to take a brief survey after the call, and if the persongives a bad rating,there should be a follow up with the customer to see what the company canimprove on.Online experience is very important to customers in the 21st Century, mostcustomers shoponline now. Guess should make their online website a little easier to navigate,also startoffering a live chat to help customers find what they need faster with the helpof a customerrepresentative. The website should be more elaborate in finding things faster.

Havingcategories more organized to make customers experience easier.GUESS in storestends to be over charge customer’s prices for certain items. In the store they havecertain sales, but the systems tend to charge customers full price for items.To change the system from having errors, it should be updated daily on salesthat will be going on that day.

Improve the inventory system to update the system and to ring up the rightprices at theregister. Schedule system maintenance weekly, to improve the problem ofoverchargingcustomers. Guess has been known for having good quality products, in the upcomingyears their quality has decreased a bit according to customer reviews.

Guess shouldkeep their quality high to maintain their customers. Guess has been known foryears to have high quality products,customers now look for high quality products. Guess should campaign theirclothing more andemphasize how they still maintain high quality as one of their top priorities.In Conclusion,GUESS has an operations system that is very integrated as well as very detailedthrough. GUESS’s knowledge of the behavior from the customers, and employeesgives them the upper hand to correct any miscalculation that they may have,making the company stronger and smarter than they were before. GUESS ensuresthey abide by the laws, and protect the environment by doing so.

In all, GUESSis a great company to get the innovative work and a company that will always strivefor greatness.       


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