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 Malcolm X was a very important tool African-American man during his time he’s not appreciate as much as he should now people should realize how now, should be looked up to and how his role model for human rights born May 1995 in Oklahoma Nebraska and raised by his father Mark is that his father was told to be a white supremacist organization Malcolm X was one of 10 and his family he had a hard time in school when the teachers told him he was smart but he could not get a good job because of the color of the skin family had to move before Malcolm’s fourth birthday his childhood home in Lansing Michigan was burned to the ground or suspected to be burned by the members of black Leon it was charged as an agent and know when was punished when Malcolm was going to help you move  to new Boston Harlem he became a crook because there was no what no other was for him to survive he started to turn on the wrong path of drugs and alcohol to or after being a curfew was finally cut and sent to jail for 10 years but from minor book burglary when he was in jail he learned about the religion of Islam he realize that he wanted to become a better man and that he wanted to do well he started working alongside of you are you Mohammed was an African-American religious leader of the nation of Islam or an hour I also started setting up churches in group attention rapidly that I know I learned that you are Mohammed had affairs with women and did not want him supporting them any longer Malcolm X was silenced by Mohammed for saying  something after JFK is killing Malcolm exercise that he was going to take a spiritual journey to Mecca he wanted to clear his head to focus on spiritual state of mind when he was there he took the name Macha and he came back a changed man on his way back to America he was receiving numerous death threats from the NLY was after him and they had decided that Malcolm was a problem to the NLY and they did not want to deal with him any longer Malcolm X house was bombed in 1965 but no one is hurt after the first field attempt he was assassinated by the end of life Malcolm X was urged followers to defend themselves against what aggression by any means necessary here  he wanted to start a foundation of black pride he pave the way for others of collar to stand up for themselves he had a rough journey to get where he got that he got the message out there you don’t have to be a man to fight for what for freedom all you have to be is intelogen human being 


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