Malaysia’s about Proton’s performance. There are many

Malaysia’s auto market has been well known for their best sellers cars, one of the best is called Proton.

Besides that, every year the company has received lots of complaints from the public. In addition, the issues can be easily found through the web and can be easily spread to the public about the manufacturing defects of the company. The major problem faced by Proton is quality control and professionalism. Complaints also relate to failures in car interior and exterior performance. It is unusual to hear public complaints about the overall poor quality vehicles by Proton over the years and it is affecting the financial result of the company. Proton is losing its market continuously when its sales decline. The company has faced many complaints from customers that were discontent with the product.

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Generally, those problems were about the engine of Proton’s car. Most of Proton’s cars are using an old type of engine and that has generated many problems, such as abnormal sounds, easy overheat, sudden off engine and vibration inside the car. This gives the customer a sensation of driving an old car. Besides that, there are many complaints about Proton’s performance. There are many car components in order to manufacture a car and the customers found that the quality of components that Proton’s manufacturers are using is a low type.

Plus, they have figured out that the company has been using these low-quality products to manufacture their cars without making any improvement on them. Proton, as the first Malaysian car manufacturer has established a very strong identification in the Malaysia automotive market. However, consumers think that it has not delivered what is expected.

I think that in order to increase sales and minimize the weaknesses of Proton, it should change its tactics and the way to continue manufacturing the new car model. In my recommendation, Proton could focus in two areas, which are: improving the performance of the engine and innovating interior and exterior designs. From my point of view,  I recommend that Proton should use good quality materials when manufacturing new car models in the future.

Like for any car, the engine is the critical part of the car. Regarding the interior design, the company should change the dashboard design in order to give the car an aesthetic look and good sound quality, this will create a positive driving experience for the driver. Leaving them happy with the decision of investing their money in the car.


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