Malaysia Malaysia. Therefore, we need to fish farm.

Malaysia needs enough protein supply! According to Faostat, fish consumption per capita reached 58.8kg in Malaysia. Therefore, we need to fish farm. What is fish farm? Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such as fish ponds.

Why fish farm? That is what I am going to explain in my speech today. I will discuss and elaborate on fish farming as food supply, as protein sources and for producing high economic value fish. Fish farm is not a new thing in Malaysia, and now let’s digs in the first purpose of fish farming that is as food supply. Seafood is one of the important foods to all. Many people rely on the source to get enough food supply. As Mark Sisson has said, the main reason why we have to culture fish, it is because of the high demand. People demanding for fish as, sometimes the catch from the sea and river is not enough.

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We are not only culture fish; we will also culture crustaceans and bivalves. This is to fulfil the global fish consumption as it have reach it limit. With fish farming, the daily needs for the society can be provide and serve. Fish farming also helps in making better use of water and land. As for the food supply we have discussed, then let’s move on to the next point that is as protein source. Protein is very important and according to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, most adults were advised to take about 10 to 11 ounces of a protein food each day.

The best way to have it is; two portions daily of 4 to 5 ounces each of a protein food. Meat is protein. Fish is meat. Therefore, fish is protein. To have a good quality of protein, we have to make sure the protein source get important nutrients to consume. The fish must consume good quality of fish foods. This will help in having our end products at its highest quality and may lead to a healthier nation.

And for sure, it is not easy to make the best quality fish food. Many of experiments have been made and still continuing until now for making and creating the most satisfied quality fish foods. We have done discussing on protein sources, therefore lets us move to the next point that is for producing high economic value fish. What is high economic fish? High economic fish is explains by A.

Charles of fishes that have big benefits of rearing and selling them. The term of this fishes are marketed fish and expensive fish. This fishes rear in an intensive care nursing system. The water quality, the water temperature and water modulation must be checked daily and frequent. It is the best to take the measurements and readings four times daily to make sure they are at their best condition. This is to ensure of producing good ornamental fish.

What is ornamental fish? Ornamental fish are show pieces kept at homes. We can consider them as pets. In Malaysia, we have collectors that need good quality of ornamental fish in the market. This is for import and export purposes. Our country has variety of beautiful fishes from the sea and river. Some of them can reach up to RM500.

00 for a small size fish to show the specialty and uniqueness of the fish. Obviously, high economic value fish is important as it helps our economy. For that we have discuss all the important points and now let’s conclude. Fishes plays a very important role in the national economic development, providing nutrition and earning foreign currency. Ravi Shankar said that fish farming meet the demand and can provide employment.

He also said that to meet the demand, fishes that we are harvesting from sea and river is not enough. The activity also can damage and harmful the population and the fish habitat. So, it shows that fish farming can help reduce this problem and thus, solve the problems.

Society should acknowledge about fish farming and have awareness about it as it purposes for producing high economic value fish, as protein sources and as food supply. As for the closure, I think that we all need to know and have knowledge on fish farming. Thank you.


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