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Make Money Blogging

you ever thought of making money blogging? If your answer is yes, have a seat
and relax. In this article am going to teach you various ways of making money
blogging. What you should know is that making money blogging has become very
easy nowadays than ever before.


you to start making money through blogging, it goes without saying it that you
need to first start your blog site. My free advice to you who you are planning
to make money blogging, I recommend using self hosted word press blog and you
can choose blue host as the host of your blog.


creating your blog, you need now to create high quality content which will make
your readers come back to your blog. The more quality content you create the
more readers will like to visit your blog.


you start employing money making strategies, make sure you have created your
big audience so as when you start selling your products and services, there
will be large number of audiences who can buy your products and services.


wasting any more time, let look at these strategies which you need to employ in
your blogging so that you can start making money while blogging.


on Your Blog

are various ways you can make money in your blog through advertising which


per Click advertising

also known as Cost per click, this is one of the most common internet
advertising models. It’s simply where the advertiser pays you when someone
clicks their ad on your blog.


ads on your blog

already you are generating decent traffic in your blog, you may want to
directly sell ads from your blog. Here you need to have advertised with us
page, listing various formats of ads you have and how much they cost per month.


text links on your blog

you have enough organic traffic in your blog, you can use text link ads, where
you link your piece of text in your site to a page of another different site.



can display these advertising ads as pop-ups in your blog though currently it’s
slowly losing momentum to some advertisers and bloggers.



is whereby you are paid to review various products and services in your
blog.  You can earn depending on how your blog is ranked and the traffic
it’s creating.


of Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing, you recommend services or products to audiences with use
of special tracking links, and then you get the referral commission after
someone buys as a result of clicking your link.


Digital Products

is another way of making money through blog. You can sell eBooks in your blog,
and create online courses which you can offer them for money. Online courses
are more expensive than e books. Still you can host paid webinar which you can
use to generate income in your blog.


Services on your blog

a blogger you can be become a freelancer and start selling your skills and
services, again you can create your online consultant business where you can be
sharing your expertise and you make money from it.


Physical products

way to earn money through blogging is creating your online store. Your audience
may be interested with physical products, therefore when you have your products
with already existing online store, you will be able to make sales hence making
money from blogging.



can also make money through asking for it. This is whereby you can add a
donation button in your website and ask for donations from well wishers. This
will depend on the generosity of your readers.


is no longer for leisure for those who are serious in making money. You can
build an empire of your business online just seated at your home and you earn a
lot of money. Try these strategies and you will achieve your financial freedom.






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