Nowadays Notably, four major grievances of American people

Nowadays it is one of the universal laws that all people are equal and have basic rights and freedoms. However, those who lived in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries had to struggle for this universal law. Thus, American people tried to gain freedom from British crown which deprived the states of many rights. Notably, four major grievances of American people were expressed in their major documents. American people tried to put an end to British unjust rule which was largely revealed in the colonist’s attempts to oppress the colony politically and economically. It is possible to consider four major grievances which are revealed in the Bill of Rights and American Constitution.

In the first place, Americans were against British attempts to intervene in internal affairs of the states. In the Declaration of Independence it is stated that the King of Great Britain “forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance” without his consent. However, it is also said, he postponed discussion of any laws. Apart from this British power posed many taxes which were thought to be unlawful. Another grievance of American people was concerned with economical pressure: British were accused of “cutting off” “Trade with all parts of the world” (Declaration of Independence). Finally, Americans were against the ongoing practice to try colonists in Great Britain since only people of the same state could judge people who were accused of some crime.

These major grievances were revealed in the most important documents of the new independent state. Therefore, the United States of America has a constitution which secures the basic rights of American people. The first grievance concerning legislature was solved: according to the Constitution of the US the government consists of citizens of the USA (Article I, Section 2 and Section 3).

Therefore, people of the state are responsible for their actions and can enact laws which they consider to be necessary. This longing to be free from any external unjust power is expressed in the Preamble of the Constitution it is said that “the People” “to form a more perfect Union… and secure the Blessings of Liberty… establish” the US Constitution. As far as the grievance concerning taxes is concerned it is reveled in Article I (Section 8) of the US Constitution. It is said that Congress (which is constituted by citizens of the state) is responsible for laying and collecting taxes. Therefore, American people decide themselves whether they need this or that tax. As far as “Trade” with other countries is concerned according to the US Constitution (Article I, Section 8) Congress has power to “regulate Commerce with foreign Nations”. Thus, the third major grievance of Americans struggling against British crown is also addressed to in the main document of the country.

Finally, Americans also solved the issue concerning trials over the citizens of the country. According to the US Constitution (Article III, Section 2) trials of crimes “shall be by Jury” and shall be “held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed”. Therefore, Americans managed to address all their grievances when creating the main law of the country. On balance, it is possible to point out that the major grievances of the Americans after the revolution were British interference in the internal affairs (legislature, trials, taxes and trade with other nations).

All these concerns can be traced in the Constitution of the United States. Thus, Americans knew exactly what freedom meant and created the Constitution which secured all major rights of people living in a free country.


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