Major beginning of ancient times India is known

Major number of countries has been affected by globalization
up to some extent which is beyond argument whether the countries are developed
countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia or the
developing countries like India,  Argentina,
etc. The Impact of Globalization has changed the way of life of people in major
parts of Asia by changing their traditional habits like food, clothing style,
communication methods, rituals, transportation, education standards, etc. However
there is no question that the West has also benefited from globalization. The
United Kingdom and the United States have seen huge increase in sectors like services,
especially in financial services. However, the accompanying income inequality
is of a different hue than in Asia. Younger and better educated workers located
in cosmopolitan urban centers such as New York and London has seen a phenomenal
increase in their income. On the other hand, older, less educated workers in
the rusting industrial belts of northern England and America have lost their
jobs to manufacturers overseas. Instead of jobs with good growth prospects
enjoyed by several generations in the past, the quality of jobs has
deteriorated and there is little hope among the rust belt’s working class that
this situation can be turned around. Germany has shown the way to creating
high-end manufacturing jobs in a rich-country setting. It has a great number of
highly skilled work forces that produces which are technology-intensive that generate
a large trade. There is little support in Germany for reneging on global


about the India, Since the beginning of ancient times India is known for diversity and prosperity in its Culture. It has one of the oldest
civilization and culture in the world yet Indian culture has the immense power
to unite peoples together despite of such diversity. As the change is
the law of nature, more or less like two faces of a coin, the change has
both the positive and the negative impacts on Indian culture. Today Indians are
moving to other parts of the world for higher education and learning better
technology. A girl is no more restricted to home, and a woman to a housewife. Girls
are also getting opportunities for their better education and lifestyle, same
as the boys. Old traditions and wooden customs are changing. These changes are
the seeds for the better society where girls and women have the same right as
the boys and men have. These changes are empowering our girls and women.




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