Maintaining It is achieved when the person is

Maintaining skills can prevent moving people to places where they can be cared for. Staying in the community, in the area people know, near friends or family is possible if life skills necessary for independence are maintained. If supporting the person is enough to maintain the skills, they can carry on living in their own homes.

Life is very much disrupted when someone suffers from a mental illness. Road to recovery, clinical or social depends on how well the person can regain their lost skills. General well-being is not just about happiness but self-esteem and self-confidence too. It is achieved when the person is able to do the things they want. According to research (NHS) there are a lot of things that we can do to boost our mental wellbeing:Connect: Connection with family, friends or just anyone contributes to well being.

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Good communication skills, personal care and managed finances are necessary to achieve it.Be active: When mental illness strikes, it is difficult to stay active. Some medication cause weight gain, and as a result, physical activity plummets. Motivation and attention can be a problem. Building up activities, learning routines enable people to become more active. Daily cleaning routine does not only keep the flat clean but is physical activity as well.

Doing something for a person who is unwell is beneficial only as long as they are unable to perform those duties. Keep learning: New skills help with confidence issues and give a sense of achievement. Learning something as simple as using a kitchen appliance is a step in the right direction.Give to others: Building up social skills enables our residents to feel appreciated.

As one of our service user, who lacks social skills said, doing the quiz for the group makes him feel good. He feels he is giving back, and he also feels appreciated.Being mindful is about appreciating life. Learning new skills are achievements, which can be celebrated. New skills can be like cooking or baking.

A newly learned cake can be enjoyed and shared with others.


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