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11 Maintaining Friendships Friendships, they’re meant to bring people together for social interactivity and quality time with one another. However, they’re not that quick and easy, many friendships easily break apart if not careful enough. But did you know that there are special ways you could do to make sure you maintain those friendships? Three of the main skills are; starting a group, teamwork, and showing respect. These skills are to not only to maintain a friendship, but an unbreakable one as well.One-way to maintaining friendships is to start a group. But in order for this to work, you have to implement a to get in touch with your friends, so they’ll show up. As you make your group, think and create what fun activities you and your friends can enjoy.

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When you have created your group, you must always remember to loyal and honest to your friends, not only for planned activities, but also because you are the host what activities you have planned yourself. Another way of maintaining your friendships is to be supportive of your friends.Working together as a team can have numerous opportunities such as: big projects for school, camping outdoors or overcoming obstacles. While working as a team, you and your friends must also look out for each other by keeping in touch in case any them get injured, lost, or kidnapped. Problem Solving can also be associated with teamwork by brainstorming a solution viable to what situation you and your friends are dealing with.

You should also be fair to your friendships by showing respect, show that you understand them, and be tolerant.Cut your friends some slack if they did something wrong or made a mistake. Be wary of any false choices you or your friends make, because might go wrong anyone said the wrong thing causing confusion and chaos. Try to understand your friends if they’re having any problems. So what have we learned about maintaining friendships? We know how to start a group, work as a team, and show respect. This experience proves just how easy it is to build strong friendship.

As long as you practice with your friends on these skills, you’re guaranteed a very benefiting friendship that lasts a lifetime.


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