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international countries are promoting education in an advance level. The
education system is the key that reflects any of the country that gives the
person opportunity in which a person get education and devoted his life for the
country profit. In Pakistan education system is different and not well
developed. Education system is not good as the other country. The government of
Pakistan just only make strategies for the state but the most happening and
problems occurs when the pure education and knowledge is not given to the
students. The progress of Pakistan education is quite slow as compared to the
other countries. The education system is seen by the provincial Federal
government. They have the authority to control over the education system.
Pakistan children from age 5 to 10 just not get primary education and failed to
accomplish what the basic need of education is. That’s the problem occurs when
the basic education is not given to the children from age 5 to 10 and they are
forced to work.

of School System

School System

primary school system is from age 3 to 5 years. This education is the basic
building block of the child where he learns the basic need of education. The
primary school is the part where the child learns and adopt the things which he
sees and start memorizing. The Nursery and KG class are involve in it. The
basic alphabetic and commons signs and symbols are shown which child adopt and
memorize. But in Pakistan education system the government does not have any
plan for the children they does not have any sort of plans that gives the child
opportunity to learn. The basic education is not provided they are in bunch of
crises that the child is not given the primary education hence creates a huge
crises over the county. In private education system students are taught well as
compared to the government education system. In private students are taught
well and they are taught the basics of purpose of the education. But in
government sector it is totally opposite the students are not taught as the
government sector. Teachers of government schools does not have the idea that
how important the education is needed for the students they just know how to
make money so the basic purpose and concept of education become useless in
government sector while on the other hand the private sector student taught all
the basic purpose of the education.

Level Education

middle level education grade is when a child pass the grade 5th
exams and promote to 6th class. The middle level of education is
from the class of 6th grade to 8th grade. The middle
level of education is where all sort of grammar, essay writing, and English
writing are taught to the students. In Pakistan most of the schools that are in
urban areas have not that facility. There are no sort proper school or teachers
available that gives them education. The education priority is less in the
urban areas where most of the teachers are not present they are bound to give
education and the child does not learn where if he passes the grade 3 to 5th
they cannot think and rewrite the essay and the grammar portion because no
teachers area available for them to teach them the basic criteria of the middle
level of education. In Pakistan the system the system that is developed is such
a way that if there are the schools that provide the basic education for the
grade 5th to 8th there are highly costly and high in fees
whereas the schools which have less fees and merit there are no teaches and
staff available this is why most of the children of that age cannot gain the
education. In the middle age the private sector give pure attention to the
students. They knew that giving them right education will give them better
opportunity to achieve their goals so teachers do some serious attention to the
students in the result they get well educated but as compared to the government
sector the teachers neglect them they leave them by their own. They don’t care
if the student if coming to the class, paying attention or not. They only knew
how to earn money hence the result is that the government student mostly don’t
complete their education or leave the school.

level of Education

students of this grade pass the metric examination and then promote to the
intermediate level where they are highly mature and are capable of doing the
things right, They are well trained and are highly capable of selecting their
own career. Whether they want to choose the medical field of the engineering
filed or the arts field. The intermediate level of education is that where
students are given the highly education so that they could perform well in
their given filed but the reason is that due to corruption and inability to
perform the and give the information to the students the students does not get
the basic right and necessity for that and hence they are failed to accomplish
their goal hence it proves that the lack of planning and the lack of
inspiration leads the students to failure and to achieve their goals. The
intermediate level of education is where the most of the students join the academy
system and they are forced to do and learn because if they don’t learn or pass
the exam they will not going to fulfill their dreams hence the process stops.
What is when a student is supposed to choose his career and does not force. The
main problem occurs when the student does not know which career to choose or
which to not. In Pakistan private organization is better than the government
because in intermediate student who pass O/A levels are known as better because
their building is made up of English and they knew how to speak in English how
to write in English. While on the government organization which is called BISE
(Board of intermediate Secondary Education) their education system is very slow
and corrupt because the exams that are given to the students from BISE is
totally unexpected and difficult. They fail most of the students so that they
could earn money by re taking of paper and hence the system get corrupted. This
should be stop and education minister should take some serious action upon this
so that there should be equal examination in the country.

of Native vs International Language

is one of the country where the national language is not promoted as compared
to the other language. Urdu is a national language of Pakistan where all the
people speak and understand Urdu. But the problem is that the English language
is much more important as compared to Urdu. In Pakistan education is based upon
the English language all the courses and all the aspects to get job depends
upon how a person speaks English. English language have become the source to
earn money. If a person is illiterate and he does not know how to speak English
so he cannot get the job while a person who knows English well but does not
have any skill that can perform basic task he gets the job. The reason behind
is that the English have become part of our life. No matter what all the
English medium schools are superior to Urdu medium schools because the English
medium school are known as brilliant students where the Urdu medium schools are
known as low standard. The system is like if a student is graduate from the
English medium he is known as the brilliant student while compared to the Urdu
medium the student is known as dull and lazy one. There should be no comparison
over the languages that are related with job or education. The education system
must not ignore that the English language is good and Urdu is best. All of the
languages are supposed to be in equal grade and have equality. In urban cities
mostly people does not know how to speak English they only know their mother
language but it is important for the people that they should learn English so
that the country should get the better remarks and get better working hands
instead of bearded hands. The education must be of all the languages and there
should be all equality so that no language could be overseas by the government.

System for All

system in Pakistan should be one for all the schools and universities. All the
English medium schools and Urdu medium schools have only one course. There
should not be separate courses like o/a levels that have the opportunity that
they get huge remarks and get job availability higher than the Urdu medium
school. Pakistan is one the major countries that where education is neglected.
Due to spate education the students of Urdu medium level have no rights they
feel that their education is not computable with the English medium level. By
having separate education system it create a huge impact on the society that a
student of lower level of education is not wise and does not know how to speak
English and he is not suitable for the environment  that we are living. On the other hand the
English medium student thinks he is superior and the knowledge that he have is
better than all of them. Pakistan should enforce a law that every schools and
universities should have on course outline and one syllabus in which all the
students can give pass exam. So this way the education system of Pakistan can
be better otherwise there will be no system everyone will going to work
separately and students and teachers will be confused what to teach and how to
teach. Because one system is necessary for all of the education department
because if there will be one system the government have the proper control and
look after the that if any changes happen they punish that institute for
violating the law.





and Quantity

system of Pakistan must be one. The quality of the education must be high and
remarkable that the student who is studying in the institution that the
knowledge he learns and seeks must be so good that if he take admission to the
other university or college he must be per freed high enough. In Pakistan there
are many schools colleges and universities that are higher in number but the
problem occurs when there are schools colleges but the quality of education is
not enough. The education is not good because the teachers are not giving them
proper education there are absence shows that the education is not good. While
in the other colleges and schools they see how much quantity of students are
there the more quantity will be there the more money will come and the standard
of education gets low and low. The reason is that the auto toy of the institute
thinks that the more students will take admission in our institute the more
chance of getting rich will be there. So they get admission free and all the
students who are failed to take admission in better university and college are
forced to take admission in there hence in the end they don’t learn and they
failed to get their goals. This is the reason that the institute which is
better and have high merit are good because they take the cream of the student
while those education institute where there are lot number of students there
education is not good and they only sees quantity not quality of education this
is the problem where government should stand up and take some serious actions
on it.

bias in education system

bias is one of the main issues that Pakistan is facing for so long time. The
reason behind is that in urban areas people think that boys will only get
education and girls don’t supposed to get education. There is no proper right
for the women. In Pakistan the education is divided into the gender bias in
which boys have better job than girls. They get good grade and get job because
in our society we think that girls are supposed to get married and stay in
house. But as compared to the western countries men and women are working
together and hence they are progressing day and night. There should not be not
gender biasness. There should be one and proper equal rights ti men and women.
They both should have proper rights to get education and do job. If a female
wants to do job he can there should be a proper law that Pakistan should made
that every citizen are supposed to get educate and do work because by this
Pakistan can get in development state and can compete with the other countries.
Government should make both gender education institute where the equal and
better education is provided. The better job are offers to both of them so that
they could give the better opportunity to them and hence our country can be one
of the country where all men and women work tighter for the betterment of the


main and important issue that is to be highlighted is that our education system
is not well developed. Our education is having many sorts and lack of problems
that we are facing. The government of Pakistan is not focusing on the main
issues that is education. They only think about how to get money but they don’t
realize that the education is important then money if there are working hands
then there will be a more chance of getting better and well developed. The main
reason is corruption because this is the source that everyone wants to get rich
they make illegal sources to get rich the result is that they don’t learn they
make them like animals everyone is willing to get rich then others. The
education is neglected and they only knows how to get money and country gets
into the crises. The solution to this problem is that Pakistan should have look
after to these sorts of problem. There should be a higher number of merits
which makes people think that if we want to get job and get rich we must be
educated we should not neglect education because this the source to earn money.
If this realization comes to every citizen of Pakistan there will be no
corruption every child will go to the schools every parents will know the
importance of education. They will also get themselves educated because they
knew that if we will not get educated we will not get rich. So Pakistan should
make a law and pass an article that every citizen is supposed to get education
of master level so that there should be better opportunity for them and the
country to get developed. If these sorts of problems can be solved we can have
better country everyone can have better education and the country will get
progressed and can compete with the other countries.



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