Introduction: most important elements of successful marketing, a

Introduction: The Importance of Positioning

Among the most important elements of successful marketing, a correct positioning of a certain goods has the most powerful impact on the company revenues and the rates of the product selling. Therefore, it is of utter importance for such brand as Magners to be positioned in the correct manner and with the maximum efficiency so that people could purchase the given product more frequently.

However, analyzing the current positioning of the product in the market, one can claim that the positioning strategy requires certain corrections. Tracking the peculiarities of Magners positioning in the market, one can comment on the issue and provide a better strategy for the product positioning, thus increasing the revenues and the popularity of the brand. With the help of the segmentations based on a number of issues, such as gender segmentation, income segmentation, or psychographic segmentation (Kotler, Wong, & Saunders, 2008, p. 144), one can achieve considerable success in promoting the Magners cider.

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Is Magners Cider Strong Enough? The Competitors

Considering the competitors that Magners is currently facing in the world market, one can infer that the product does have to stand considerable contest in the sphere of cider production.

There is no doubt that currently, the cider is one of the leading trademarks in the sphere. However, according to the recently obtained data, the position that the cider takes is rather unstable, since the company has to face a number of competitors and encounter considerable obstacles. According to the recently obtained data, one can claim that the current positioning of the brand is quite strong, which is based mostly on the innovative approach of the company: Disparaged by the industry experts, a year after launch alcopops were selling 1000 millions a year. Nevertheless, 10 years later and the cider market was experiencing a boom with a 23 per cent increase in sales in 2006 alone (a trend predicted to last into the late 2000s). Dubbed the ‘Magners Effect’ (the brand grew by 225 per cent in 2006), this attributed to a ‘step change in consumer attitudes.

’ (Hooley, Saunders, Piercy, & Nicolaud, 2008, p. 287) Therefore, it is obvious that, in the light of the obvious competition, one must come up with the original positioning strategy. Emphasizing the specifics of the product, one can achieve high popularity of Magners and surpass such competitors as Gaymers. In addition, it is important to take the consumer’s demands into consideration.

Magners and Consumer’s Behaviour: By the Grapevine

According to what Arnold (2010) says, the current trend in promoting Magners relies considerably on consumer’s attitudes towards the traditions and the sprit of the Irish legends. Creating a cocoon of myths around the product, the company seems to have achieved an impressive result. In addition, the company has made a successful use of the word “time:” “Using ‘time’ as a theme it emphasizes the time it takes to make” (p.

205). Moreover, the company also insists on the specific Irish origin of the drink, as it has already been mentioned, which is supposed to entice the target audience. However, it is important to mark that the company at the same time neglects certain moral issues: “there are no claims about organic apples or fair trade,” (205) Arnold (2010) explains. Therefore, the producers of the cider rely on the consumers’ enthusiasm of the Irish myths and the taste of the product itself.

Magners Positioning: Affecting the Marketing Mix.

Or not?

It is essential that the marketing mix of Magners is greatly influenced by the positioning. Considering the current positioning of the product, one can deduce that the marketing mix of the product has been slightly improved and is now addressing the needs of the customer: “the marketing mix inputs (now five P’s of price, place, promotion, product and packaging) are adapted and focused upon the consumer” (Breen, 2006, p. 3)

Recommendations and Reasoning

Considering the current Magners positioning in the UK, one can claim that the company is being rather successful (Breen, 2006). However, it is worth mentioning that the company requires to draw not only the customer show are interested in the specific Irish origin of the drink, but also attract a wider range of people. Therefore, it is essential to consider the existing legend closer and, taking into account the common delight about the organic products (Arnold, 2010), one could also inform the customers about the natural origin of the cider ingredients more insistently.

Conclusion: Magners Positioning and the Future Benefits

Considering the above-mentioned, one can claim that one of the most reasonable and the most important steps for the company to promote Magners at present is to maintain the idea of pure Irishness about the drink, thus, creating a legend that can serve as the attraction for the clientele. Thus, the customers ill have the opportunity not only to enjoy the drink, but also touch upon Ireland and feel Irish for a moment. However, it is necessary to mark that Magners need to mention in their legend that the drink is made of only organic ingredients and, hence, has the most favorable effect on the consumers’ health.

Appendix A: Positioning Map Legend/CompanyPositionProduct OriginHealth IssuesMagnersCurrentModerateModerateFutureLowHighGaymersCurrentHighLowFutureModerateLow


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