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Mackenzie IcenogleWomen/Men in ContemporarySocietyJanuary 27, 2018DoingGender·      Although gender was seen to be achieved,it was usually fixed by age 5·      Relationship between biological andcultural processes are complex·      Gender is not a set of traits but theproduct of social doings ·      Social movements can encourage individualsto look at the alternativesTheKaleidoscope of Gender·      Everyone does Gender·      Someone who doesn’t do gender would go bywhat traits is closer to male or female, instead of being put into a thirdcategory (using our cultural rules)·      Most people take their gender for granted·      Those who do not follow gender roles canrisk being misidentified·      Those who engage in gender normativebehaviors do not disrupt gender·      Gender=Heteropatriarchy? ·      People who do not follow gender norms arerebelling against the confines of femininity and masculinity ·      Potentially, gender uncomfortingindividuals are breaking down gender normsMansplaining·      Manologue- to talk unnecessarily long bydrifting off of subject·      The reason why men tend to do this isbecause they use and are given more time to talk in professional settings·      Women usually apologize for talking fortoo long or going of subject, men don’t and expand more on a subject not askedfor·      Women do this too but not as often·      Women may be interrupted a lot more andspeak a lot less than men, especially if they are outnumbered·      Men have more pride, women worry about badfeedback·      Women may be heard but not included·      Females speak more around other femalesYourbehavior creates your gender·      Gender is performative- produces a seriesof effects that consolidates your gender·      Gender can be produced throughout life andcan change·      Gender is a domain of freedom ·      Important to resistant violence against thosewho think one way1.    Why are some girls who act more boyishcalled tomboys?2.    Why is being called a tomboy seen as morepositive towards male while being called a sissyboy is seeing girls as sissies?


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