Machine of algorithms that can learn from data.

Machine Learning Machine learning is a sub discipline in the field of Artificial Intelligence that explores the study and design of algorithms that can learn from data. Machine learning provides algorithms that make systems computationally intelligent. These algorithms build models based on input and then use these models to make predictions. Machine learning algorithms are reducing the potential challenges that might be made because of unproven experts provide more comprehensive medical facts for examination in a lesser time. A study showed that if the cancer cells are identified before spreading to any other organs then the survival rate for patients could increase up to 97%.

One of the primary goals of machine learning is to device an efficient algorithm for training computers to automatically acquire effective and accurate model from experience. It is providing a technique, method tools that can assist in solving diagnosis problems in a variety of medical domains. Data MiningData Mining is also known as knowledge discovery that extract and discover hidden features in data warehouse. It is widely used in prediction mainly in medical fields that provides perfect data analysis to discover previously unknown, valid association in large datasets.

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Data mining is the integration of the set of tools and techniques from different fields like statistics, mathematical algorithm and machine learning methods. The tremendous use of powerful computers with automated tools, storage and retrieval of large value of medical data are being collected and are being made available for medical research purpose. Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data; these patterns may be discovered depending on the data mining tasks that are applied on the dataset.

The two basic data mining tasks are: descriptive data mining tasks which help to understand the characteristic properties of dataset and predictive data mining tasks which are used to perform predictions based on available dataset. Predictive data mining is the chosen data mining task for this study.


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