“Loving now. Do you really need to experience

“Loving someone is like
reading a book.”


     I’ve read about the concept of love for so
many times that I already lost count. According to some online sources, this
four-letter word is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection or a
romantic attachment to someone. Of course, that brief interpretation
doesn’t fully elucidate the complexities that this word has. All thanks to the
literary pieces, movies, and songs available about love, this word possessed
more meanings of itself and is still increasing up until now.


     Do you really need
to experience love to define it? Do you believe that someone out there exists
as your One Great Love? As someone who has not much of an experience of what
romantic love feels like and as a reader myself, I relied on the books that I’ve
read to attain information on what love really is. I already came across dozens
of quotes, metaphors, similes, narratives, and everything in between that
defines the word. All of the books that I’ve read offered different
definitions. One author said that ‘Love
is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it’ while another said
that ‘Love is the answer to everything’.

The definitions are innumerable. All of them sounded really pleasing, ideal, and perfect… too
perfect, even.


     But then, I realized that all of the
definitions that were being fed to me are not easily applicable for everyone.

Not all of us believe in the same definition of love. You can’t just let others
define love for you. Instead, why not define it by yourself? Furthermore,
nothing beats first-hand experience and I don’t think that it’s necessary to be
in a hurry. I’m still young and I know that there’s still more to life out
there. I know that I can create my own definition once I’ve already experienced
it because even after gathering my thoughts, I could still scarcely fathom the
whole idea of love itself.


     In my case, I’m currently contented with
experiencing love through reading books. Just by watching two people grow in
love feels great already. Collecting my thoughts, I now believe that ‘Loving someone is like reading a book’.

In this case, this someone is just like a random book on the shelf that is
readily up for grabs, an ordinary mainstream book that caught everyone’s
attention and is currently being read by almost everyone. I really tend to
isolate myself from mainstream books as much as possible because I’ve observed
that there are times when most of the people around me read the same book all
at once and they get to discuss its content afterwards, but I deliberately
wanted to avoid that situation. Why would I read this certain book if I’ve
already heard enough spoilers about it? Besides, I can already ask those who
have read it about its whole story in full detail so that I won’t be wasting my
precious time. What’s there to know about it anyway?


     But by chance, you get to read the book.

You think twice because it seems so unfamiliar. But really, who are you to stop
fate? You read the first few chapters and along the way and you verify what
parts were accurate regardless of having heard a lot of spoilers. Then, it’s
your curiosity that keeps you going through the pages because you’re determined
to know why this book is so popular that had everyone raving about it.


     Despite having read a lot of books telling
different stories of romance, all of them have the same common factor: you’ll
realize that you love someone during a specific spontaneous moment. I’ve read a lot of stories with
beautiful narrations on how this moment happens. The author captures this
moment wherein everything just flows in perfectly… the dialogues, the place,
the mood, the setting; it’s perfect. And then, it just hits you. Unexpectedly,
everything stops around you, and you suddenly can’t move or think… and in that
instant, it terrifies you. You’re happy, confused, and scared all at once, and
you feel your stomach churning. You feel that something shifted within you. This
is the turning point, the plot twist that you’ve been waiting for; finally,
here comes the moment… the climax.


     It dawns to you that there were times when
you loved and hated a part, it even enrages you at one point because you’re not
used to how it is written. Little do you know that some of the things that you
hated will eventually become the reason why you start to like it. Surely, you
encountered passages that you weren’t able to fully comprehend which probably
had you re-reading a couple more of times and took you quite a while to unveil.

After withstanding these, you’ll realize that it taught you to open your eyes to
new perspectives. It required you to look on the different aspects and
personally, I like focusing on the detailed small moments because I think that
they are more important rather than just remembering its major events. Some
just don’t get it but I believe that these intricate details that people
frequently neglect sometimes lead to the heart of the book. They hold the magic
that will thread you through its twists and turns. The second you think you’ve
gotten to the end, another mystery pops up again, and you can never really get
to the end of it. If you read between the lines over and over again, you’ll
discover its inner strengths and weaknesses, its triumphs and failures, and
everything that fills the spaces in between.


     William Faulkner once stated, “You don’t love because: you love despite;
not for the virtues, but despite the faults.” How ironic is it to
understand the book that you loathed at first better than all the ones that you’ve
previously read? This someone suddenly becomes your favorite book of all time
and it might have been the most complicated book that you’ve ever read but the
reading journey was, and will always be, worth it. 


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