Louis to the disease by making a vaccine,

Louis Pasteur was a very important chemist and microbiologist born on December 27,1822 and died September 28, 1895. He laid the groundwork molecular asymmetry, found a vaccine against rabies, cholera, smallpox, and anthrax, found that microorganisms cause disease and fermentation (it is the foaming that happens during manufacture of beer and wine), and more. Louis Pasteur has accomplished so much that there are hospitals, schools, buildings, institutions, and streets that hold his name. When he was young, he was an average kid, who had a poor family that enjoyed art and singing. But when Louis had realized he was meant for Science. He went to collage earning degrees in math, physics, and chemistry, to later become a science teacher.

He then became a professor at the University of Strasbourg, fell in love with Marie Laurent, married her, and had five kids. Sadly, three of them died from typhoid fever which then encouraged him to find a cure for infectious diseases.Pasteur doing so, found that he could make people immune to the disease by making a vaccine, which is a weaker form of the diseases. He found this out by first working on cows, and the diseases anthrax. In 1848, Pasteur made a huge discovery. What had scientists lost and confused for years was explained.

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Pasteur found that molecules could be in mirror image forms. This discovery showed that many natural molecules were either right or left handed. In 1865, Pasteur was asked to go to the south of France by his friend Dumas to study the epidemic that was killing silkworms. He was reluctant at first but they were really good friends, and his family came.

They found that a little globule was a sign of the disease. He figured out that it started with the moths, who produced the eggs that had the diseases. To stop this, he figured he would wait until after the moth had laid her eggs and then check the moth if she had any globule, and if she did, they would have to destroy the eggs to stop the spreading. He tried this, but it did not work. Worms without the globule died, and even some worm with it lived. Months went by, and then they figured out what they had done wrong, that there wasn’t one disease, but two. One of them being with the globule and one with an alive microscopic creature that multiplied.

The healthy worms got sick from their food, mulberry leaves, that grew in the soil that had droppings of the sick worms. The other disease was passed through their intestines. That French silk market was saved from silkworms thanks to Pasteur. Pasteur is also very well known for the process, Pasteurization, that kills microbes in foods and drinks. It was invented in 1864 which was huge at the time because it obviated many illnesses.

In this process you would heat up a drink (like milk or wine) and then very quickly cooling it down. We can thank him for our long lasting beverages. After several strokes, the scientist who made incredible discoveries, died, and he may be a part of the reason you are alive and reading this report right now.


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